Madden for Thumbies 2 – User advice and situations

2 – When, where and who to user.

A new segment I’m going to be writing for the next couple of weeks is to introduce a few rule changes/updates. However, it will also give a how-to of that topic to help everyone to comply with it. This is the second section on my tips at usering and to introduce the new variation of any user. Our new rule reads as such.

‘On defence you should vary your user, not use the same one every play. This applies to DL and LB/DB users. This will be monitored to avoid stat padding for awards. PLEASE NOTE: end of season awards will be disabled so you gain nothing from stat padding players’.

Hopefully a common sense approach should come into this. You might use one user more than others, you might use the same for a series and a different the next depending on situation. I’m going to run through the different players and situations that I use with my user.

Usering on Defence Tips

User – A user is a defensive player that is controlled by the player. In general they are more effective, and intuative than the CPU. Therefore they are able to make a greater impact. In general they fall into two catagories, a DL user or a outfield (LB/S) user.

Responsibilty – In general the way in which I decide who to user is based on responsibility, their redundancy, on the play that I am running. This a general rule which means you should be able to pick a user and make a mistake without leaving a hole in coverage.

DL vs. Outfield

There seems to be a debate amongst Madden players which method is best for usering. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages that I will outine below. However, the running theme of this will be that it depends on the context. I think both are valuable, and switching between the 3 positions can be useful in differing situations.

DL – is useful for applying pass rushing pressure, especially when you have time on third and long. However, it has it drawbacks as you can only affect one area of the field and your pass coverage does not improve.

LB – Is the preferred position for most users. You can make a good read and stop the run, especially outside runs. You are also in position to patrol the middle of the field in terms of coverage. One of the most popular places for players to pass into.

Safety – This is similar to LB howvever you don’t leave a gap in the middle of the field. It can mean that you have extra players in the box to stop the run as well. In terms of negatives, you are taking away the last line of defence for passing and running, so it can leave you vilnerable to big plays.

When/who, how to vary users and be more effective

DL – as I’ve already stated DL can be usered all the time (as long as you are rotating the players). But there are certain situations where I think it is particulary effective.

  • When it is a passing play and you know that deeper routes will need to be used to get a first down, therefore more time will be needed for the play to develop. More time for you to get to the QB. You can force a dump off, or get the sack.
  • It can be used to stop one half of the backfield. If a player runs one way, or you see an offset back and wary of a screen. This means you can disengage to try and pick it or stop the run.

LBs – tend to be used to cover the middle, they are versatile and well placed to be effective. They can be used in differing ways.

  • This can be your default setting, although depending on formation I still rotate beween differing once. In general I take the one in the middle, which can be an OLB or the other ILB.
  • In zone the middle hook (yellow) is generally the one to use as you are in a position to stop the run and cover the middle. However, you do have some responsibility and can vacate the zone and leave a space.
  • In man one way is to control the guy covering the HB. This limits your responsibility, if the HB blocks you have a free license. You just have to be wary of him running into the flat. However, in cover 1 or similary coverages you can user the LB in a hook zone. This is ideal as every player is still marked and you have free reign to make an impact.

  • As a blitzer you have no responsibility. This means zone/man you can user the blitzing LB and take him into coverage instead.

DBs – Is my prefferred option. You are an extra player where you want to be. This is very effective in the redzone as there is no deep ball or long run to defend. However, it really does make you more vilnerable.

  • In zone often your SS is in a hook or curl to flat (purple) zone therefore it means he is not guarding anything deep and therefore a good choice to user.
  • In man you can play 2 man under and leave your CB 1 on 1, which is a risk but gives you an extra man. You can also choose cover 1 or simliary and again the S is often in a hook zone giving you someone with little responsibility to user.

  • As a blitzer you again have no responsibility. In man or zone this means you can user the safety without worry of leaving a gap.

I hope that outlines the differing situations in which differing positions are useful to user. If you have any further questions please ask me by PM and I’ll be happy to answer.