Madden 20 Xbox Rules update

We have finished amending the rules for the new season. We have taken on board the feedback we received at end of season, some we took forward some we didn’t but everything was considered. There have been a few changes, some subtle some fairly significant. Rather than spoon feed these to you we’d prefer if everyone just went over the rules again so there can be no ‘Oh I didn’t know that’ excuses.

As most will know the rules page was getting pretty lengthy, but it has now been pruned. As well as that we have came up with 3 golden rules or pillar’s of the O.O.H leagues on Xbox, which we think embody the spirit of how the community should play there games and act around the forum and chat.

The new rules can be found here. Make sure you take the time to read it all. If you have any feedback as always PM a commish and we can discuss further.

Rules can be found here. Rules page.