Madden 18 CFM Team Preview

So we are now days away from getting our hands on the new version of madden which is awesome, but!  even more important is the Original League team draw taking place in Preston on the 19th of August. With that in mind we will be releasing our team reports daily with 1 team from each conference. Wayne and SC take a look at the teams and see if they can work out who will have there head in there hands on the 19th. Bear in mind these prevews are based on early rating and roster releases so will undoubtedly change before release.

Day 1

Jerry World and Jacksonville

First Thought. Dez, Dak and Zeke are enough to make any owner salivate, and that’s before you see that O-line. One of the best teams for sure would expect them to be rated around 90 Overall but Defensive support will be required asap.

Defensive stud. Byron Jones, FS. The man to build your defence around, Lightening quick and great coverage skills can easily play cornerback if required.

Offensive Star. Travis Frederick, C. The lynchpin of the O-Line and the Cowboys have one of the best, 92 Rbk, 89PBK 92 Strength, It will take something special for anyone to get past him.

Hidden Gem. Anthony Brown, CB. 95 speed and 84 man coverage, with the right development this guy could have your opponents dangerous wide receiver on Lockdown.

First Thought. At first glance the Jaguars look like one of the teams to be this year. Scratch beneath the surface though and this team has more holes than you would think. The offence has paid the price for Blake’s inability to move the ball last season. A new Quarterback, Safety, Tight End and help along the Oline should be high on the new owners list of priorities.

Defensive Stud Myles Jack MLB. Jack’s presence in the middle of the field will strike fear into most players in the league. 87 Speed 90 Acceleration and 88 Agility means even those of us who are novices at usering should be able to slow down opposing offences.

Offensive Star Leonard Fournette HB. With Blake Bortles likely to be as effective as a paraplegic duck in the passing game owners are likely to lean heavily on Leonard. As one of the highest rated rookies this year Fournette is ready made to dominate in the running game.

Hidden Gem Blair Brown LOLB. Drafted as the successor to Paul Posluszny, Blair Brown has the potential to be a day one starter. Although not as agile as most would like, he has good speed (84) Acceleration (88) and tackling (86). Start him from day one and he could turn into an important piece in the Jags

Day 2.

Atlanta Via Indy

First Thought. This Colts roster is much improved from last year, but there is still some room for improvement. The offense should be able to hold its own although a successor to Gore will need to be found sooner rather than later. On the defensive side the front seven look ok if you ignore the overall score. At first glance the secondary looks good, but although they have youth at safety, their two main Corners will likely need Zimmer frames come SuperBowl week.

Defensive Stud Barkevious Mingo OLB. Mingo has the height, speed and agility to become a real menace for this defence. Opposing players would be wise to avoid this 6’4 monster.

Offensive Star Andrew Luck QB. It’s a cop out I know but Luck is the main guy in the offense. He’s one of the best in the passing game and will likely be more effective than Gore in the running game.

Hidden Gem Marion Mack HB. Remember when we said a replacement for Gore needs to be found? Look no further than this guy.91 Agility 89 Speed and 87 Juke are not too shabby for a RB. Although his carrying (76) needs some work, play him from day 1 and this kid could be a stud.

First Thought. One of the strongest teams in the NFC the Superbowls losers should be rated around 90 overall with an Explosive offence and some fantastic pieces on the other side of the ball.

Defensive Stud Keanu Neal SS. At only 22 he can be in your franchise for the entirety of Madden 18, 87 speed, 88 acceleration and 86 zone coverage means no one will be trying to get the ball past him in the air. A reputation as a hard hitter in training camp may also find its way into his ratings.

Offensive Star Julio Jones WR. 98 Overall and one of the best receivers in the game, an absolute stallion of a player so count yourself very lucky if your name comes out the hat after these guys. Just as likely to take home a short slant or screen as he is a deep Matt Ryan pass this guy will be a stalwart for your team.

Hidden Gem. Laroy Reynolds MLB Only 67 overall but this guy can do it where it matters. 85 speed, 90 Acceleration, 83 pursuit and 87 hit power, get that tackle and block shedding up a little and you have a more than capable run stuffing linebacker on your hands.

Day 3

Titletown  to Tennessee

First Thought. The perennial NFC contenders have a mind blowing offence but some glaring holes on defence, that being said I would still expect them to be rated in the high 80’s

Defensive Stud Ha-Ha Clinton Dix FS. At just 24 years old Clinton Dix is a player who will never need replaced. 87 play recognition and 83 pursuit should certainly make him fly to the ball and make that important tackle.

Offensive Star Richard Rogers TE. Ok so A-Rod the god was the easy choice here but at 33 regression and retirement looms in madden. So we went with the big TE no game breaking speed but with 87 spectacular catch, 83 Catch in traffic and 77 route running he will be an excellent safety valve.

Hidden Gem. Jeff Janis WR. 92 speed and acceleration 81 kick return will at least see him be a special teams stand out but with the right development he can be a game changer in the passing game as well.

First Thought. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding the Titans at the moment but although they have talent on offensive I’m not fully buying into them. On the defensive side of the ball they have 3 key players who are in the regression kill zone, with 2 more likely to follow year 2. A complete overhaul of the front 7 is likely necessary to compete amongst the best.

Defensive Stud Adorre Jackson CB The rookie Corner should go on to be the corner stone of this defence. He has the speed (92), acceleration (94) to keep up with the quickest of receivers. Short term he’ll be better in Zone (82) but his play rec (63) will quickly need upgrading

Offensive Star Corey Davis WR. If the Titans are to compete in the passing game then you’ll have to go through Corey to do it. The Madden gods have graced Corey with good base stats, 85 spec catch, 83 CIT and 82 route running, throw in 90 speed and 92 acceleration and Corey has the ability to become a monster.

Hidden Gem. Taylor Tawan WR. The rookie taken in the third round has the potential to become a great 91 Speed, 93 Accel and 93 agility means physically he’s better than Corey. He’s also has the jump on Corey when it comes to SPC (86) and RouteR (84) get his CIT up (77) and you could have 2 studs on the outside.

Day 4

Cross Country Houston to Seattle

First Thought. The Texans arguably have one of the best front sevens in the game, with a rookie Dual Threat QB and a couple of star receivers on the other side of the ball this roster has a lot of potential. Buyer beware though, the secondary is in need of a makeover, and with lack of a 1st or 2nd round draft pick year one, you’re likely going to have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Defensive Stud JJ… No wait Whitney…. no wait Jadaveon. For me Jadaveon Clowney DE pips it… narrowly, ok he’s in his contract year and we’ll want a big payrise but….. JJ will be 29 at the end of season 1, and comes with a crippling cap. If regression is anything like M17 then he wont be worth it, ask Glyn I’m sure he’ll back me up. My advice trade JJ away for more picks, take the hit and rebuild that secondary.

Offensive Star DeAndre Hopkins WR. has all the tools to be the main man in Houston 97 Spec Catch 94 Catch in Traffic 91 Route running. The downside? It’s his contract year and at 91 OVR he’ll want paying.

Hidden Gem. Akeem Hunt HB. This youngster is quick (92), agile (89) and with 87 Juke to start he has the potential to develop quickly.

First Thought. The defence speaks for itself the Legion Of Boom are still pretty much intact, but there getting on a bit so maybe look to trade 1 or 2 early to free up some cap and get some picks. Offensively they are still a little bit meh with the big 3, Wilson, Graham and Baldwin all the wrong side of 28 for me.

Defensive Stud Bobby Wagner MLB. With so many studs it was a tough choice but I have went for the ‘Baby’ of the bunch. At 27 Wagner should see you through to the final season without issue, One of the best MLBs in the game he can do it all. 

Offensive Star Thomas Rawls HB.  The young HB has had some injury troubles however if you can keep him on the field he has the potential to get himself into the OOH HOF, 93 Speed 92 Acc, 88 Agility and 89 Trucking are a potent combination.

Hidden Gem. Amara Darboh WR. With Tyler Lockette made of lollipop sticks this youngster should have plenty of opportunity to get on the field. Already with great catching skills, work on his route running will see him develop into a franchise WR

Day 5

The City that never sleeps to the City that never loses.

First Thought. A young talented defence , One of the best WR in the game, Just one problem, Eli, now you cant be Elite without Eli but the problem is he’s old and his contract is killer, cut him as soon as you can and look to the future at QB.

Defensive Stud Landon Collins SS. I love me a good strong safety and this guy is one of the best, for starters he is only 23. 88 speed, 90 acceleration makes him a physical monster, add to that 85 tackle, 89 play recognition, 88 Zone coverage and 89 hit power, type in defensive stud in Google and there will be a picture of this guy (Don’t though I’d be wary of using the word stud in a Google search to be honest).

Offensive Star Weston Richburg C. OBJ would have been to easy to take here, the guys amazing and I’m sure that will be reflected in game. So we thought we would go a little lower and someone who could be just as key in the Offence. With 80 acc and 89 strength this guy will be great in the run game, he has 89 impact block and 89 pass block as well so really can do it all and an excellent man to have on your side.

Hidden Gem. JT Thomas III OLB. 80 Zone coverage on a line backer is like unicorn sh** there is actually only 24 line backers in the game with ZCV better. Get this guy in your team and get him developed into the next Lavonte David.

First Thought. The Patriots, unsurprisingly, have one of the best rosters in the game, with depth in almost every position this team should be challenging year one. With cover boy Tom Brady likely to retire at the end of season 1, owners will have to decide whether they go with Jimmy G or draft a new QB. TB12 isn’t the only one Father Time is catching up on though, by the end of season 1 eleven first team players will be over 30, so make sure you attend the draft.

Defensive Stud Don’t’a Hightower MLB oh how the Jets fans wished they baked more happy birthday muffins. Unsurprising he’s one of the best linebackers in the game, he has the speed and acceleration to keep up with most although his agility (76) does let him down slightly. Even if you choose not to user Don’t’a he’ll be just as productive with 91 Play Rec and 81 Zone Cov.

Offensive Star  Brandon Cooks WR. Will be a menace on the outside, with 96 speed 88 CIT and 88 SPC he’ll be able to hold his own against the best corners in the game. Owners may want to upgrade his release though at only 78 he may find himself thrown off his route easily.

Hidden Gem. Derrick Rivers ROLB. Let the CPU take over Don’t’a and user Derick. 85 Speed and 89 Acceleration makes him ready means he’s ready made for lurking in the backfield. Getting his catching up from 44 should be a priority if you want to get picks

Day 6

Sunny Tampa then eeeek the Green Half of the Meadowlands.

First Thought. The Buccs are a solid and improving team with some very talented pieces on both sides of the ball. Rookie TE OJ Howard should be a madden monster so they will be a nice pick for one of the owners. I think they will be around 80 overall for what its worth.

Defensive Stud Lavonte David ROLB. 83 Zone coverage straight off the bat is fantastic and he will rack up plenty of picks for you, 90 Acc, 86 Play rec and 85 pursuit mean the this guy will be a menace no matter what play the opposition draw up.

Offensive Star  Mike Evans WR. 67 Run Block, on a WR, let that sink in before you even look at his catching stats, 95 release, 96 catch in traffic, 88 route running. Long story short, good luck stopping this guy, he is a monster.

Hidden Gem. Sealver Siliga DT. 85 Block Shed, 83 Pursuit, 88 Strength, this guy should do some serious damage against the run. Make sure you find a place for the big man in your lineup.

First Thought. With probably the worst roster in the game it’s going to be a while before this team really challenges. Stockpiling draft picks and trading Sheldon Richardson is probably the best course of action.

Defensive Stud Leonard Williams DE. A real monster on the Dline. With 87 Block Shed 85 Power moves and 85 pursuit he’s going to be tough to run the ball against. If this Jets team is to have success then Leonard will need to be a part of it.

Offensive Star  Quincy Enunwa WR. It says a lot about the team when the best offensive player is rated at 79 ovr. 92 Speed and 94 Acceleration and 88 Spec Catch are good stats but that’s about it.

Hidden Gem. Marcus Maye Safety. Adams may get all the headlines but don’t forget the other rookie in the secondary. Marcus is just as quick and agile as Jamal and they have similar pursuit stats. Get his Play Rec and Zone Cov up and this Jets secondary changes completely.

Day 7

Miami and Arizona

First Thought. The Cards gotta be one of the best teams to get right. Wrong. On offence with the exception of DJ all the key men are the wrong side of 30 so will need to be replaced, in case you don’t know that’s your RT, LG, C, QB and no.1 WR. Thankfully on defence it’s a different story with the studs all being young. There are some pretty major gaps though. Be warned!

Defensive Stud Patrick Peterson CB. Fast, agile, great hands and a lockdown corner, he will be a great man to have in your backfield. Do not trade him.

Offensive Star  David Johnson HB. Young and supremely talented, the perfect blend of speed and power. 89 trucking coupled with 91 elusiveness will make him extremely tough to take down, 76 catching to make him a real dual threat. What a player.

Hidden Gem. JJ Nelson WR. Ok not really hidden but at only 73 overall he may easily be overlooked. 96 speed and 94 acceleration make him the 3rd fastest player in the game on offence, and whilst he doest have the best receiving stats, if you can use him on the correct plays as well as on special teams he can be a real asset to the team.

First Thought. At first glance the Dolphins don’t look that bad, but don’t let that fool you. Five of their best defensive players are 30+ (9 after season 1). Suh’s stats are excellent so he shouldn’t be impacted to much but the same can’t be said for the others. Offensively they are a lot better with some good pieces, but a change a QB is likely necessary.

Defensive Stud Ndamukong Suh DT. Suh is a real run stuffer on the Dline, 91 Power Moves, 89 Block Shed, 86 pursuit and 85 play rec. With stats like those opposing players may try going to the outside or targeting the secondary rather than running up the middle.

Offensive Star  Jay Ajayi HB. He’s from London incase you didn’t know that and the second year pro may have been a tad fortunate to be given 87 overall by the madden gods but I’m sure owners won’t complain. 91 juke 88 stiff arm 84 trucking and 89 elusiveness makes him one of the best backs in the game.

Hidden Gem. Raekwon McMillan MLB. Will become a user favourite with 85 speed 87 acceleration and 81 Agility. With 60 catching expect a few picks if the right owner finds him.

Day 8

Detroit to Buffalo

First Thought. In real life the Lions had a very solid draft so hopefully this will pass over to madden. Despite some aging stars they have enough young guns to support them, particularly on offence, The O-line does need desperate attention though. The Defence is solid with Ziggy and Slay in there but the D-Line will need work when Ngata starts to regress.

Defensive Stud Darius Slay jr CB. One of the best cornerbacks in the game and young enough to stay with the team for the Duration, Slay has top end speed to go along with 90 man and 87 zone coverage, he has 74 hit power too so he can drop the hammer when needed.

Offensive Star  Matt Stafford QB. The man with the arm cannon has always been an excellent madden QB and this year is no different, every major category is 80+ add that 98 throw power in and 75 speed this man can lead your franchise through this years madden.

Hidden Gem. Ego Ferguson RE. I said the Lions need help on D-line and this could be the man to provide it if you can develop him enough 83 acceleration, 83 strength, 81 block shed and 79 Power move. Get him on that line early.


First Thought. The Bills have a sneaky good roster and are well balanced on both sides. Their Achilles heel is the line backer group. Lorenzo Alexander probably has one year left in him, but with a couple of rookie ideally made to user and run stuffer Ragland in the mix it could be worse. The oline will need some attention early as regression and retirement aren’t far off. With 2 first round draft picks and a talented roster the tide be could turning for the Bills?

Defensive Stud Tre’Davious White CB.The rookie corner is far from the finished product but don’t worry he’ll soon take the Number 1 spot from Roland. He has a healthy 85 Man 86 press and 78 Zone. Get his play rec up from 67 and he’ll become a stud.

Offensive Star  Sammy Watkins WR. Thankfully for Madden Bills owners Madden Sammy is nothing like real life Sammy. He’s rapid, has great acceleration and although he isn’t the tallest of receivers 88 jumping and 92 spec catch makes him a great Number 1 target.

Hidden Gem. Nathan Peterman QB. Probably not a popular choice but this is my guy, the Tyrod Taylor experiment has never taken off. If I was the Bills owner I’d start Nathan from day 1. He has 91 THP 83 SAC 80 PAC 76 MAC 73 DAC. Not bad for a 5th Round Pick

Day 9

Da Browns and The Redskins

First Thought. Washington are another improving team but in madden terms they are old as dirt and you are gonna be a very busy Owner to keep them in fighting shape. Norman, Kerrigan, Hall and Blackmon on defence, Williams, VD and Kirk Cousins are all 29+ , Pray for improved regression if you get this team.

Defensive Stud Ryan Kerrigan LOLB. A QB heat seeker with 87 pursuit and 89 power move this guy isn’t a slouch vs the run either. With only 59 Zone coverage a move to DE may be best.

Offensive Star  Jordan Reed TE. Although he cant finish a season IRL this hasn’t been reflected in Madden yet . Decent blocking and Physical stats combine with 93 route running, 88 Catch in traffic and 89 spectacular catch to make him the only receiving Tight End you will need.

Hidden Gem. Samaje Perine HB. The 4th round pick has a promising career ahead, in madden 18 at least/ 87speed and 90 acc make a great base, add in 91 trucking and 83 stiff arm its gonna take some work to bring him down

First Thought. Although most wont admit it, I’m sure deep down no one will be disappointed if they were given the Browns this year, in fact I’m sure most are secretly hoping they get them. Armed with 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds of the 2018 draft the power will be in this owners hands. Although lacking depth at and Reciever and in the secondary the rest of the browns roster looks good. On D the front 7 of Collins, Garrett, Shelton, Kirksey, Bryant, Ogbah & Nassib will be dominant from day 1. On O the Oline looks as though it will be one of the best in the game, with a Rookie TE and QB and a couple of young RB’s aswell receiver depth is the only spot that needs immediate TLC.

Defensive Stud Jamie Collins MLB. Speed, Acceleration and agility to match this guy is dominant to begin with. Put him in the hands of an experienced user and he becomes a different type of threat. User or CPU this guy will dominate in the middle of the park.

Offensive Star  DeShone Kizer QB. The rookie comes into the game with 95 THP 81 SAC 78 MAC 76DAC and 79 PAC. Start this Rookie and it wont be long before he becomes a true stud…. Just as long as you throw a ridiculous number of picks.

Hidden Gem. Derrick Kindred SS. Probably more aimed at the elite users rather than us mere mortals this one. This second year safety has 89 speed 90 Accel and 83 agility. Add in 87 hit power and 70 catching and this guy could turn in to real fumble/pick machine.

Day 10

N’Orleans to B’More

First Thought. The Saints have been struggling the last few years and its starting to show in Madden, with an aging Roster on offence and a lack of depth on defence this team will take some elbow grease to get into shape.

Defensive Stud Kenny Vaccaro SS. Cam Jordan is the highest rated player on defence by quite some way. But I have a madden crush on Vaccaro so went for him great physical stats are accompanied by 90 hit power making Kenny V a fumble making game changing machine. Whoever gets him please trade him to me.

Offensive Star  Drew Brees QB. Really slim picking on this Saints team so went with Breesus. Hes awesome, if you draw the saints pray he doesn’t retire after season 1 and get a suitable replacement asap.

Hidden Gem A.J Klein MLB. Quick off the mark and very solid run stuffing. Couple that in with 70 zone coverage will be a perfect partner to you main MLB.

First Thought. If there was a team ready to be f*cked over by Madden Regression Syndrome it’s the Ravens. 13 players start the game aged 30+, 10 of which are starters.  Jimmy Smith (CB) and Jeremy Maclin (WR) hit 30 in season 2. There are some good youngsters on the roster i.e. Marlon Humphry and Tavon Young, but building this team through the draft will definitely be needed.

Defensive Stud C.J Mosely MLB. is one of the most dominant linebackers in the game. With 85 Speed, 90 Acceleration, 92 Pursuit, 79 ZCV and 88 Play Rec leave the CPU to do all the hard work for you.

Offensive Star  Breshad Perriman WR. Still only 23 Breshad has the potential to rack up a decent amount of XP. Blessed with 95 speed and 92 acceleration he has the physical tools to annihilate any opposing corner. Get his Route Running and CIT up and he’ll be one of the most dominant receivers in the game.

Hidden Gem Tyus Bowser OLB. has the potential to be a good user with 84 speed, 89 acceleration and 82 agility. Slightly lacking in hit power he’s unlikely to cause many fumbles at first, but get his stats up and he’ll come good.

Day 11

Steeltown and LA

First Thought. No more parties in LA for the Rams, fisher is gone, they have a fancy new Head Coach, oh and they just traded for Sammy Watkins. The Defence is stacked and all relatively young, a few additional pieces on the offence and these guys are ready to lift a (Virtual) Lombardi.

Defensive Stud Aaron Donald DE. A monster pure and simple. 90 acceleration, 94 strength, 91 block shed. 96 power moves. The move to DE should see him rack up JJ Watt numbers on the sack-o-meter

Offensive Star Todd Gurley HB. It’s a worry when your top 2 rated offensive players are an offensive tackle and a punter. That being said despite a down year Gurley should still be great to use in game, 92 speed and acceleration, 93 agility and all the moves you could need, I would expect big things from this guy.

Hidden Gem Malcolm Brown HB. The perfect 1-2 punch when combined with TG. 92 acceleration, 84 acceleration and 83 trucking. Work solely on the trucking and he’ll be flattening DB’s in no time.

First Thought. The Steelers arguably have one of the best offenses on this year. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell start at 97 OVR whilst Big Ben is 91 OVR making them probably the best trio in the game. Although the Oline is very good the offense is let down by the lack of a quality Tight End and little depth at receiver. On the Defensive side successors for William Gay and Mike Mitchell will need to be found quickly.

Defensive Stud Ryan Shazier MLB I think we’ve all played enough Madden to know that this guy makes one of the best users in the game. 90 speed 90 acceleration and 88 agility give him the physical stats more akin to a Corner, whilst his 87 hit power of a run stuffing linebacker. You’ll want to user though is coverage stats aren’t the best.

Offensive Star Antonio Brown WR & Le’Veon Bell HB  Sorry but it has to be done, If Big Ben was to retire tomorrow these two will still find a way to dominate. Focus on one of them and the other will come out of nowhere and make a big play. By the end of the game you’re going to feel like a Chinese finger puppet with these two either side.

Hidden Gem Juju  Smith-Schuster WR Although no the quickest juju should be WR 3 week one. He has great base stats 85 CAT 86 CIT and 84 SPC. Focus on him with training to get his release (67) and route running (69) stat up and he’ll come good.

Day 12

Minnesota to Cincy

First Thought. This team is not only stacked on both sides of the ball but its young to just 2 players 30 or over. You also have the benefit of 2 starting calibre QB’s with 4 working legs so trade bait there to. An embarrassment of riches at HB but not all good news the. O-Line needs work but lots of great building blocks.

Defensive Stud Harrison Smith FS. The Perfect free safety. 92 zone coverage, 92 hit power. You really don’t need much else just let him do his thing and make plays.

Offensive Star Stefon Diggs WR. Still only 23 this guy should be in your team for all of Madden 18. 91 speed and 93 acceleration coupled with 93 agility make him a playmaker supreme. Phenomenal route running and great catching mean he should be one of the best receivers in the league when the time comes to say goodbye to your franchise.

Hidden Gem Kentrell Brothers ROLB. He may lack a little bit of speed but certainly makes up for it in other areas. 82 block shed will make him great against the run but he also has 74 zone coverage which is extremely good for a line backer. Try and find a space in your team for him.

First Thought. Without trying to sound like a Homer the Bengals do have a well-balanced roster this year which should be able to compete from day one. With great depth at receiver you could be ballsy and trade away AJ Green in order to develop the youngsters. On defence the front seven look good, although the secondary could be improved. Although not elite Andy Dalton is can still do a good job at QB, however at 29 he’s unlikely to improve. Let’s just hope oline doesn’t matter.

Defensive Stud Vontaze Burfict MLB. Although not the quickest or most agile, he is a monster , especially in the running game. 94 hit power, 90 play rec, 89 pursuit and 86 block shed means he’s likely to live up to his real life self and cause a few injuries and fumbles.

Offensive Star  AJ Green WR. Not many recievers are better in the game. Has the speed to compete on the outside and with 98 spec catch, 97 jump and 95 catch in traffic he’ll be able to dominate almost any corner in the game.

Hidden Gem Joe Mixon HB. Man crush alert! Mixon has Gio Bernard type speed with Jeremy Hills power. Quick, agile and tough to bring down Mixon should quickly be able to establish himself as the Number 1 running back in Cinci.

Day 13

Denver and Philly

First Thought. The eagles have sneakily built one hell of a madden roster, and having added Ronald Darby one of there major weaknesses was improved. Loads of talent on both side of the ball the only downside being having to replace Jason Peters relatively early.

Defensive Stud Fletcher Cox DT. One of the best DT’s in the game and still only 26. 87 Acceleration coupled with 87 strength is a great base to see him move quickly at the snap. An outstanding 93 power move alongside 85 block shed will make him a real terror in the middle of that line.

Offensive Star  Alshon Jeffrey WR. Not the quickest WR out on the field but still one of the best. Great height with 97 specatcular catch, 95 Catch in Traffic and 89 route running means the former bear will be making all kinds of catches for your team.

Hidden Gem Kamu Grugier-Hill ROLB. 89 Speed, 91 Acceleration, 89 Agility screams user me please.A none to shabby 81 hit power means this guy can make some plays for you on defence.

First Thought. The Broncos have a good team who’s defence is arguably the best in the game. Home to the original no Fly Zone Talib and Harris Jr both start the game at 94 ovr, although Talib is 31 so be prepared to bring in a successor. With the likes of Von Miller, Derrick Wolfe and Brandon Marshall the front seven looks just a good. Paxton Lynch has taken a hammering stats wise and starts the game at 72 ovr, although he has the throw power (94) unfortunately he doesn’t have the accuracy to back it up.

Defensive Stud Von Miller LOLB. The best LOLB in the game coming in at 99 ovr, Von will terrorise any offence. Miller is Eqaully as dominant in the running game as he is the passing. I’d post the stats there’s just too many, and there all 90+.

Offensive Star  Emmanuel Sanders WR. Emmanuel has the speed to dominate on the outside. With 97 catching, 93 spec catch, 92 route running and 90 catch it traffic, expect Sanders to dominate in the passing game. His only weakness appears to be when pressed, he may struggle to beat his man with only 83 release.

Hidden Gem Jake Butt TE. Although not the quickest (81) he does start off with good catching (83). Get his Spec catch (78) and Catch in traffic (79) up and he can quickly establish himself as a focal point in this offense.


Day 14

Carolina to Kansas

First Thought. The Panthers were in the Superbowl just 2 years ago, despite a disappointing year last year this is still an excellent team to have with some of the best players in the game on both sides of the ball. Not all good news, major surgery required on your defensive backs.

Defensive Stud Luke Kuechly MLB. Luuuuuuuke one of the best players in the game for the last couple of years and it continues this year. A monster who you can user control or leave to do his own thing. Outstanding.

Offensive Star  Cam Newton QB. From MVP to a bit meh it wasn’t a good year last year for the big man. Madden wise though still an awesome QB. 89 acceleration and 85 speed make him a real dual threat. Great throwing stats although would give his middle and deep passing a bit of love.

Hidden Gem Christian McCaffrey HB. Not exactly hidden but a potential Superstar. Top end speed/acceleration/agility. On top of that 87 spin move, 93 Juke Move. He also gets a non too shabby 78 route running out the box, line him up anywhere you lucky devil.

First Thought. Unfortunately for the Chiefs although the defence is Championship ready the offence isn’t. Seven of the top 10 players are on the defence side of the ball, but 5 of this 10 are already over 30. With no 1st Rounder in the 2018 draft you may be rebuilding for some time.

Defensive Stud Marcus Peters CB. Interceptions are apparently going to be a lot more difficult this year, with DB’s relying a lot more on their catching stat. If that’s the case then Peters is going to be one of the best with 86 catching. With 88 Play rec and 90+ Man, Marcus will be dominant from day one.

Offensive Star  Travis Kelce TE. The star TE starts the game at 94 ovr. With Tyreek Hill still learning the tricks of the trade Kelce is likely to get the majority of targets. With 85 speed, 86 catching, 87 spec catch and 89 catch in traffic, he’s likely to make the most of them.

Hidden Gem Ukeme Eligwe MLB. Great potential user, this middle linebacker has 85 speed, 89 acceleration and 80 agility. 81 hit power might not sound a lot but focus him in training and you’ll be able to get that up in no time.

Day 15

A Californian Odyssey

First Thought. The Niners quite frankly are really bad, even when there good, Pierre Garcon for example there bad, he’s 31 years old. In fact most of the best pieces of the offence are old. Slightly better reading on the defence and the niners do have 3 additional picks in the 1st year of the draft. Imperative you make good use of them.

Defensive Stud Solomon Thomas DT. Just 21 years old and a fantastic base to work from. 87 acceleration and 91 Strength combine with finesse move, block shed and pursuit all in the 80’s. Should be a lynchpin of your D-Line for the full year.

Offensive Star  Carlos Hyde HB. Theres not a whole lot of completion on this Niners offence but Hyde is handy again this year. 90 acceleration and 88 speed is a very solid base for a bigger back he really excels in his skill moves with 85 trucking, and 91 Juke move.

Hidden Gem Taylor Trent WR. Only 70 Overall and only 86 speed so hes not gonna burn anyone deep downfield. He does boast 81 route running and 82 catch in traffic, get this guy some work in the slot and see what he can do.

First Thought. At this point last year the Chargers were almost unanimously the least wanted teams, oh how times change. Although there are no players over 90 on their roster it still has plenty of talent. With a number of talented youngsters on the roster this team can compete. Although at 35 and on a big contract a replacement for Rivers will need to be found.

Defensive Stud Joey Bosa RE. Who else. The 2nd year pro starts the game as one of the best RE’s in the game at 88 OVR. With 89 Finesse move expect him to get to the quarterback, his 88 and 84 block shedding and power moves respectively means he’ll equally be as disruptive against the run.

Offensive Star  Melvin Gordon HB. The 3rd year HB has had a major upgrade on his base stats from last year, most notably on his carrying stat (87). Gordan has excellent Juke (94), Elusivness (86) and Spin (83). With and good trio of receivers that defences will be wanting to keep an eye on, Melvin could easily take advantage and be one of the leading rushers.

Hidden Gem Desmond King SS. This Rookie Safety will make a great user in the backfield. He has the Speed (86) and Agility (93) to be disruptive in the secondary. With 76 catching expect him to rack up some int’s. He will need some work though, with only 67 tacking he’s going to miss a couple.


Day 16

Chi-Town to Oakland

First Thought. The Bears are a real mixed bag this year. They are absolutely average on both sides of the ball but they do have some nice blocks to base your team foundation on. Work on the D-Line and CBs is essential.

Defensive Stud Eddie Goldman DT. Not the quickest mover but at 320lbs you wouldn’t expect him to be. 88 strength. 85 pmv, 84 blockshed and 85 power move mean this guy will take some serious attention from the opposition O-Line

Offensive Star  Jordan Howard HB. Howard was a bright spot for the Bears last year and it shows in madden with a very healthy 85 overall for the 22 year old. 90 speed and 91 acceleration combine with 89 agility and 88 trucking should see him get through those gaps and light up some defensive backs.

Hidden Gem Mitchell Trubisky QB. Again not really hidden but hard to ignore. The Bears hope for the future rest on this guy and so does your Franchise. He has 95 throw power along with 85 short and 80 mid accuracy which is a great start. Get him in the line up and pray he stays fit.

First Thought. Despite the average age of the squad 5 of the Raiders best players are over 30. Successors for Marshawn Lynch and Jared Cook are desperately needed as is more quality depth to the WR core. On the defensive side of the ball Sean Smith and Reggie Nelson are ready to put their feet up. A lack of quality on the Dline also needs to be addressed.

Defensive Stud Khalil Mack OLB. I’m sure we’re all sick of him by now thanks to Glyn’s milkage but yes it is Khalil Mack, cue music. This star rusher is still giving the m17 self proclaimed GOAT nightmares, infact its probably from this game that the Madden gods gave Mack his stats, because he was that dominant. All his coverage, recognition, and skill moves are over 90. This guys a beast.

Offensive Star  Derrick Carr QB. The lynch pin of the offense is tied down for a number of years and should be QB1 for the entire M18. His 95 Throw Power, 90 SAC 86 MAC and 85 DAC stats for a QB are amongst the highest in the game.

Hidden Gem Obi Melifonwu SS. The rookie Londoner is the perfect replacement for Reggie Nelson. His 92 speed and 89 agility makes him a good user candidate his 74 catching can be quickly upgraded to. With 86 hit power he’s likely to cause a few fumbles also.

And thats a wrap folks. We hope you enjoyed and got some ideas whatever team you land with.