Madden 17: The Most/Least Wanted Franchises

The MaddenOOH League today revealed the breakdown of how Madden 17 will look following the Draft; many players seemingly happy with the teams they ended up with, others not so much…but who were the most wanted teams for the upcoming season and who did nobody want?

With every one of the 32 members of the league submitting a list that ranked all 32 Madden NFL teams, we are able to use those statistics to work out who were the most desirable franchises as everyone begins their preparations for the upcoming league campaign.

Before we get to the Most and Least wanted teams, there were a few surprises in the results –

  • Seattle Seahawks ranked #9! Now, as a Cardinals fan, I can see why nobody would want the Seattle Seahawks. But, given this is Madden and they’re a pretty OP side to begin with, it was a surprise to see them so low down; with an average placement of 13.41 on peoples’ lists, perhaps the results were distorted by those who had no chance of getting them putting them very low down on their personal preferences?
  • Pittsburgh Steelers ranked #13! –  Again, as a Cardinals fan, I can see why nobody would want the Pittsburgh Steelers. But, given this is Madden and they have a ridiculous offence consisting of the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and others, then perhaps they should have been a top 5 side minimum…even with their horrid defence. With an average of 15thperhaps the same happened to their ranking as the Seahawks before them?
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ 5th overall? – This is a bit of a surprise in my eyes at least; yeah, they have Jameis Winston at QB (so you’re not going to be needing a QB for the entirety of Madden 17, not a bad thing admittedly), Doug Martin at RB and the big bodies of Mike Evans and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins as receiving options. But aside from Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy, what is there on offer on the defensive side of the ball? Then again, Madden School says “they have talent everywhere and their offense should be pretty close to unstoppable in the right hands“…so what do I know???


Surprises out of the way, let’s get on with the good stuff and here are the three least wanted sides heading into Madden 17…

Average; 23.86

Not even the ridiculousness that is WR Breshad Perriman could tempt even the most ardent of MaddenOOH players into wanting the Baltimore Ravens. A massive contract attached to QB Joe Flacco is most definitely off-putting as well as is the ageing nature of their top players like Marshal Yanda, Terrell Suggs and a now-beardless Eric Weddle. Pack Al has a tough job on his hands to turn this around…but at least he’ll be aided by one of the league’s best kickers. So, that’s something…

Average; 24.57

With the likes of Drew Brees, Mark Ingram, Coby Fleener and Brandin Cooks at their disposal, the Saints have themselves a few nice options on the offensive side of the ball. But where the Saints were downgraded by most people was probably on the defence as, it’s fair to say, they have very little in the way of playmakers on that side of the ball – besides Cameron Jordan and Jairus Byrd (if he’s still as surprisingly good as he was in previous Maddens). DJ is going to have his work cut out for him to turn them into a force in the NFC.

Average; 25.42


Far and away the least wanted team in Madden 17 was the Tennessee Titans which, considering I had them fairly highly on my own list, is perhaps a bit surprising. In Marcus Mariota, you have a QB that is serviceable in the right hands – a beastly runner in the form of DeMarco Murray, well when he’s on the field at least, and a few decent receiving options like Kendall Wright, Dorial Green-Beckham and one of the top Tight Ends in Delanie Walker. Sure, the defence might not be up to much, but that’s seemingly the case with most teams. A surprising #32 pick but one which won 4 Superbowl titles in Madden 16…can Paul have the same success in Madden 17???

So, we’ve seen the surprises and we’ve seen the teams that nobody wanted, but who were the teams that everybody wanted but couldn’t have?

Here are the Top 3 Most Wanted sides…in reverse order, naturally…

Average; 10.76

Bandwagon fans in the NFL? Surely not. Last year’s real-life Superbowl Champions were the third most desired side for Madden 17. Yeah, there are questions over the QB situation now that Peyton Manning is retired and off filming some awful Papa Johns commercials – Mark Sanchez as the current starter? Won’t be too surprising when Paxton Lynch becomes the starter for newcomer Jonny Evans. With plenty of defensive talent and more offensive playmakers than you could shake a stick at, Denver in the right hands would be a scary opposition for anyone.

Average; 10.43

Even with the dreadful Andy Dalton at Quarterback, you all still wanted the Cincinnati Bengals and I’m not too sure why? In AJ Green and Tyler Eifert, there are two superb receiving options at your disposal…but Andy Dalton throwing them the ball, so. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard are two top options in the backfield and the OL should be pretty solid so that’s a big selling point for them…but there is still Andy Dalton at QB. Defence is probably where they were so sought after though with a group of good corners, a big presence on the defensive line and Karlos Dan$by at LB. Nevertheless, they’re in the hands of the league’s only Bengals fan, so that’s good at least…

Average; 7.3

It’s a shame that these guys didn’t end up in the hands of one of the league’s Cardinals fans – namely myself – because boy do they look like a phenomenal team to play with on Madden 17; stacked on offence with an incredible OL (outside of C/RT) and perhaps the league’s best defence with some insane players to control (the league’s best DB in Tyrann Mathieu, the league’s best [but 4th on Madden] CB in Patrick Peterson and LB Deone Bucannon to name but a few…I’m so jealous of Prime right now. Sure he’s in a tough division but with a roster like that at his disposal, perhaps he could cause a few “upsets” just on team talent alone.