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Lust or Bust Pt 2

Jeez there’s nothing like the prospect of making someone eat their words to motivate you is there! There’s me thinking I’d have a day or two to write this and you fuckers went and messed that up. All joking aside it’s amazing what a little bit of interaction can do. Remember the league is only as good as we make it. The less we interact, the less we can be bothered, the less we can be bothered the less we’ll play. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what happens if we stop playing! Swiftly moving on

Pick 6 Turner Dekker LT, Falcons

Over the last two seasons the Falcons have scored and average of 24.5 points per season and their Oline is a big reason why. Dekker originally looked a bit rich at 6 but his Pass Blocking skills have pretty much silenced the critics and allowed his offence to flourish.


Pick 7 Tavares Myles CB, Cardinals

Tavares is like a wet dream for most GM’s, fast, tall, jumpy and excellent in zone coverage. Much like Kidd for the Bucc’s, Tavares has become a true leader in the back field. Playing alongside ‘Honey Badger’ and Jefferson the Cardinals defence is a nightmare for any opposing QB. This was a great value pick for a player of this quality and he’s not ‘Myles’ off being one of the best Corners in the game.


Pick 8 Thurman Hasselbach DT, Texans

Heading into the draft not many people would have imagined the Texans draft a Defensive lineman, that said their QB and Corner boards were pretty much gone and they went BPA. Hasselbach was drafted as a DE but he quickly found a home at DT due to his great performances. Alongside JJ and Clowney the Thurman was ‘Hasseling’ the opposition continuously (……jeez these are getting worse) and they were unlucky not to get the playoffs year 2.


Pick 9 Jamal Huntley WR, Bills

Arguably one of the steals of the draft not many would have predicted Huntley to ‘fall’ to pick 9. Personally I thought he was a shoe in to go to the Packers, but hey the owner over there has always been a little emotional. Anyway back to Jamal (aka Megatron 2.0), his rookie campaign was plagued with injuries but he still managed to continuously put up good numbers. His height, jump and technical savvy make him a mismatch for almost any opposing Corner.


Pick 10 Jackson Harrell LT, Jaguars

It was no secret heading in to the draft that they needed to overhaul their Oline and Harnell has certainly done that. Bortles has played some good football under this GM, but if you can’t keep him upright it counts for nothing, and Harnell has certainly helped his QB. Although mainly a pass blocker Harnell has helped in the run game and helped the Jags reach the playoffs two years on the bounce.


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