Live Draft Choice

Hello all,

We have taken into account the feedback from your questionnaires and been debating the possible choices for the live draft in Preston. There are two clear methods that people seem to like: A completely random draft, and a seeded draft. Although random is more popular there is support for both. Therefore, the commissioners have been debating solutions to this and narrowed our options down to two.

The purpose of this post is to explain both to allow you an informed vote on the matter. 

System 1: Random Draft

This one (hopefully) does not take much explaining and would work exactly the same as last year. 32 teams, 32 names and a completely random selection out of the hat. Please note if we go with this, the commissioners reserve the right to change selections in the case of an extremely unbalanced division. Therefore, the live draft might not be final in extreme cases.


  • Popular within the group.
  • Random element means anyone can get any team.
  • worked well last year and seems to be the ‘fairest’ way of allocating teams.


  • Potential for extremely unbalanced divisions.
  • Potential to get similar division mates as last year.

System 2: Random draft with 3 Pools.

This is the compromise that has been put together. It retains the random element of the above draft, but also allows some seeding. This would be by having 3 groups of players based on ability. The best being in pool 1, average in pool 2 and the worst in pool 3. Once this is set each pool would be allocated divisions and then drawn randomly. Pools 1 and 3 would be the smaller ones. An example of the draft on a 32 from last years players is below. Please note the 32 are just an example and the final make-up e.g. 4 or 8 in pools would be subject to change, you would be voting for the generic system of a pooled draft.


  • Players in group 1 given harsh competition and no guarantee of the play-offs.
  • Poorer players given the chance to win a division.
  • Still retains random element of the draft.
  • Interest could be kept up longer as play-off spaces up for grabs for some.
  • Potential to mix up teams in the play-offs.


  • Not completely random.
  • Some players would be in the elite divisions would likely be outmatched in talent (1A and 1B pools possible solution)
  • Could create problems when people leave teams in a pool.
  • Play-off teams would be poorly balanced.