1st November 2020


Below is our catalogue of league vods from out twitch channel – https://www.twitch.tv/maddenooh

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Our first ever quadbox Redzone stream. 4 games simultaneously saw some pretty exciting moments. Great way to round up season 1.

To round up our season 1 we sat down and discussed how season 1 went. Who excelled and who didnt. We looked ahead to the playoffs and even to next season.

A cracker of a game kicked off the wildcard round as the Browns travelled to Houston to face the Texans

Another great wildcard game as the Patriots headed back to Baltimore to face the Ravens

The Packers and Falcons faced off in a close game to kick off the Divisional Round

The Cardinals and Seahawks played out a classic for a spot in the championship game

The finale of Season 1 saw the Cardinals and Dolphins face off in what was a close fought game.

The finale of Season 1 was the OOH Draft party

We kicked off season 2 with another redzone. Some great games to kick us off!

Karen, Chris and SC are joined by OOH Legend DJ and new boy Charlie to discuss the S2 off season and preview season 3.

OOH All or Nothing Vikings: Episode 1

The television event of the year is finally here, follow the ups and downs of the OOH Vikings  as they battle back from the brink #allornothingvikings

OOH All or Nothing Vikings: Episode 2

fter trading away some key players to meet roster requirements, The Vikings head into the regular season hoping for a turnaround in fortunes or another Minneapolis Miracle.

OOH All or Nothing: Episode 3

After a tough start to the season, Drew Lock and Co look to week 4 to move off the bottom of the NFC North and give there season a kickstart.

OOH All or Nothing: Episode 4

After taking their first win of the season, Vikings take on all 3 division rivalsĀ and hope to build some momentum.

OOH All Or Nothing: Episode 5

As the season draws to a close, Super Bowl aspirations have faded away. However, pride remains on the line as HC Charlie takes on his former mentor and a long time rival.

OOH All Or Nothing: Episode 6

With 3 tough games left to close out season 2, Vikings players are going all out to prove they should be back next season.