Honest Jims Preseason Power Ranks

Original League 

With the season only days away, the Honest Jim team have come up with their early power rankings to list the runners and riders for the new season,

With some new faces in the mix, and old ones returning, it has been hard to rank the league but we have made an attempt at it.

But here goes..

25-32 is a blend of new guys, and perennial strugglers, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see one or two of these make the leap to the next tier

Indianapolis Colts Andre 25
Green Bay Packers Ryan 26
Oakland Raiders Rory 27
Cincinnatti Bengals Michael 28
San Francisco 49ers Griff 29
Philadelphia Eagles Prime 30
New York Jets Glyn 30
Houston Texans Ben 32

17-24 are the tried and trusted, and it shows the quality in the league that players of this calibre are only ranked in this quartile

Miami Dolphins TO 17
Los Angeles Chargers Craig 18
Tennessee Titans VJF 18
Atlanta Falcons Alasdair 20
Denver Broncos Tom V 21
Pittsburgh Steelers James 22
Jacksonville Jaguars BS 23
Dallas Coyboys Big D 24

9-16 are the nearly men, more than capable of making the playoffs, and all have had big wins in their lockers but just not good enough

Chicago Bears Chris R 9
Carolina Panthers Aaron 10
New York Giants Jimmy 11
New England Patriots DJ 12
Los Angeles Rams Oli 13
Buffalo Bills Kadeem 14
Washington Redskins Mr X 15
Seattle Seahawks Wayne 16

8-5 Three of the four have Lombardi’s in their cabinet, and will challenge for the title year in year out. But just outside the top 4

Tampa Bay Bucanneers Paul 5
Kansas City Chiefs Al 6
Arizona Cardinals Moose 7
New Orleans Saints Jerry 7

The big four, Originals Royalty, if you want to win it all then you will have to go through this lot. To see two of them in the same division will produce some memorable moments in Madden 18

Detroit Lions CB 1
Cleveland Browns SC 2
Baltimore Ravens Rob 3
Minnesota Vikings JR 4

Look for more updates as the weeks progress, and don’t forget to look in to Honest Jim for all the latest odds.