Honest Jims – Game of ThrOOHnes

Weve done something similar before but we thought we’d focus on GOT

Joffrey – aka Jerry

Prone to tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. Has a completely unfounded believe he should be king, but that said, his meltdowns are highly entertaining and you can’t have the hero without the villain


Robb Stark – Aka Rob

One of the good guys – but sometimes on the fence too much. One day he will rage into battle, who will be behind him? Oh and they are both called Rob.


Ned Stark – aka Moose

Face of the leadership of this shit show. Will no doubt die on the sword of what he believes in. Probably says “bastard” as much as Sean Bean did when he was Sharpe.


Bran Stark – aka Jimmy

Often the voice of reason. Doesn’t fight his way to success, uses his cunninglinguistic skills to get what he needs. Smart man too.


Tyrion Lannister – aka Alistair

Great at planning the battles (GM) but then seems to not actually win the fight itself (Games). Has a way with words and forked tongue.


Jaime Lanister – aka Ben

Despite initial reticence about the fact Ben is a 1/10 looks wise and Jaime here is the definition of a heart throb, we all agreed that the fact they both have dodgy hands makes this obvious. Add to that at some point Ben is likely to move from fancying kids to family members it was a done deal


Jon Snow – aka Tom V

Those who attended the draft day meet up will know this is based on (self proclaimed looks). Whilst it looks like Jon Snow went on a chicken nugget diet, ran over by a bus and then tortured for 40 years – we can kind of see it (basically has black long hair)


Valyrs – aka Glyn

Behind the scenes influencer with no balls.


Twyn Lannister – aka CB

A grumpy, angry, old c**t – who we all respect and admire.


Samwell – aka Daly

Lovable village idiot who’s silly little face belies his intelligence


Ice King – aka SC

Most of my time on the forum is spent trying to think of something funny enough to get a like from him. The cold man from the cold place above the wall. Can kill you with one dagger (of a comment)


Baelish – aka Oli

Sneaky little f*cker that can’t be trusted


Jorah – aka Ritchie

Man of honour that is always friendzone – particularly by strippers.


Gregor – aka Aaron

Nothing to do with looks – but the definition of “difficult to pin down”


Hound – aka JR

Big f*cker who calls everyone a c*nt


Bronn – aka VFJ

Mercenary who only turns up to play and goes all out attack, doesn’t do defending


Ramsey – aka Al

Hes had this one before. this is what was said last time “Bit of a Cuba but seems to enjoy revelling in it. Can be very successful in dominating opposition but his wild claims of amazingness only set him up for the kingdom to want him to lose”
Basically still relevant, some men Mr Wayne…just want to see the world burn.


Oberyn – aka Kadeem

Cool as f*ck. Wouldn’t be surprised to see in Narco’s too…


Theon – aka James

Last time it was Craig, this time its James. No balls and basically does whatever Craig tells him to. Definitely tanking. Definitely


Hodor – aka Craig

Hodorrrrrr where spreadsheet? Hodooooooorrrrr


Davos – aka TO

Bit useless but old and loyal


Stannis – aka Prime

Grumpy and (now) very political


King Robert – aka Wayne

Spends most of his time drunk or having kids


Tommon – aka Rory

Child and future king – maybe


Benjan – aka X

Disappeared then suddenly rocks up out of nowhere


Brienne – aka Michael

No-one knows fuck all about her


Iilyn Payne – aka Ryan

Lost the power to speak


Jaqen – aka Andre

Foreigner with many faces and identities


Mance – aka Paul

Raider from the North of the wall, a little more civilised than his followers but still a wildling


Beric – aka BS

This f*cker just will not die.


Podrick – aka Griff

Not a natural warrior…but trying his best, bless


Aemon – aka DJ

Older than time itself


Thanks for watching, Honest Jims