HOF Debate

Having a few beers on Saturday me and a mate (Seahawks fan) were debating the Gronk requirement and the phrase “Hall of fame worth career”. We had different opinions on that (I think he’s HOF possible) (“FUCKING POSSIBLE” – Publisher) so decided to go through and rank the starting QB’s (as of that evening so ignoring the draft but with FA) in a simple scale on the back of a few beermats – I thought I’d type it down for a discussion… You may notice it gets a bit more random as we go further down the list!

HOF worthy (first ballot)————————-
Tom Brady (NEP) – probably got enough rings

Drew Brees (NOS) – deserves another ring

Aaron Rodgers (GB) – could do with another ring

HOF possible————

Eli Manning (NYG) – for beating brady twice

HOF outside bet—————

Ben Rothlisberger (PIT) – Won a SB early, but has fallen in the playoffs too often

Phillip Rivers (LAC) – consistent but needs a ring

The potential is there———————-

Russel Wilson (SEA) – one man team at times

Too early to tell but looking good———————————-

Patrick Mahomes (1 season wonder!)) (KC) – give it 5 more years like this and he’s in

Will have a nice career but no HOF———————————-

Matt Ryan (ATL) – good, but not good enough

Andrew Luck (IND) – needs a few more good seasons

Cam Newton (CAR) – running QB model

Deshawn Watson (HOU) – not come on enough – takes too many sacks

Jared Goff (LAR) – very good game manager

Andy Dalton (CIN) – becuase we couldnt work out where to put him and didn’t want to make another catagory

Getting or got paid, but meh—————————-

Jimmy Garapollo (SFO) – Not the second coming of Tom Brady

Kirk Cousins (MIN) – way over payed

Nick Foles (JAX) – feel good story, average starter

Matt Stafford (DET) – toiling away in Detroit

Joe Flacco (DEN) – 1 great postseason but never more than just above average

Derek Carr (OAK) – once the highest paid QB in the league – Imagine that!

Too early to tell—————–

Baker Mayfield (CLE) – All the toys to play with

Josh Allen (BUF) – needs all the toys

Sam Darnold (NYJ) – got a spanky new RB

Carson Wentz (PHI) – needs to not be injured. Overlooked because of Foles

Lamar Jackson (BAL) – needs to throw the ball

Mitch Trubisky (CHI) – took us two pints to remember who was the Bears starter

Probably shouldn’t be starting——————————

Marcus Mariota (TEN) – marginally better than Winston but game manager at best

Jameis Winston (TBB) – dickhead

Dont have a starter——————-

Case Keenum (WAS) – backup, backup, backup, good season, not a starter, not a starter

Status: Uncertain—————–

Josh Rosen (ARZ) – 1st round pick, buried, getting traded, by some accounts arrogant sh!t. May never start full time again. (Bills, Jets, Browns dodged a bullet)

Just in it for the lols———————–Fitzmagic (MIA) – 500 yards and 6 picks per game but its all fun!