11th June 2020

Hall Of Fame Class of 2020


Chris Ritchie Commissioner / Owner / Sheep Bother-er

Inducted by TO. Its an honour to be the one speaking about Chris joining the hall of fame. He was my vote and I’m sure many other peoples. Mainly because Chris is quickest to type and I was in a rush but hes done some good stuff. He joined for Madden 17, so this might be a record for speed of being inducted but that’s a testament to how much work he puts in and how popular he is. He balances being a decent lad, with a moan every now and again, that helps the other commissioners to keep the league ticking over. Common sense, bit of banter, looks a woman. Everything you’d want.
As a player, he has proven to be the best of the rest. A title I’m sure hes proud of. As a player, coach and commissioner he will be congratulated into the hall of fame by everyone.
Thanks for your work Claire. I mean Chris.

Aaron Donald DE, LA Rams, 300 Tackles, 67 TFL, 136.5 Sacks, 5 Seasons

Our first defensive player to make the Hall of Fame class of 2020 is the exceptional Aaron Donald. Not only is he the best player on his team, but hes one of the best players in the league. The superstar end as amassed a frightening number of sacks over the course of his 5 seasons and held an average of multiple sacks per game every single season. A well deserved place in the Hall of Fame class for this superstar defensive player. The man is also incredibly humble as when asked for his reaction he stated, “I don’t think I deserve this nomination, my guy Fletcher Cox was more worthy but I’m happy to receive it”

Danielle Hunter,  Minesotta Vikings, 299 Tackles – 54 TFL – 111 Sacks – 5 Seasons

The second name to make it into the 2020 class is Danielle Hunter. The right end has been a key man in the vikings defence every year and helped them win the Superbowl in season 4. Its been a sensational 5 seasons for Danielle who like Donald, has averaged over a sack per game every season. His 2022 SB winning year was exceptional as he totalled a staggering 33 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 45 tackles. A well deserved inductee to the 2020 class

 Josh Allen, Jacksonville Jaguars, 325 Tackles, 59 TFL, 105.5 Sacks, 5 Seasons

The final inductee to the 2020 class of defensive men is Josh Allen. The superstar pass rusher over 5 seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars struck fear into opposition qbs. He racked up a staggering number of sacks in his first 4 seasons before having a set back year in 2023. The now New England Patriot is well on course to break career sack records. He takes a well deserved spot in the 2020 Hall of Fame.

Sherrod Milner, HB, Seattle Seahawks. 6132yds, 54 TD (Rushing and Rec)

When you average 10 yards a carry and rack up 18 touchdowns in a season, you know you are destined for the hall. Sherrod Milner’s ability to find the thinnest of gaps, gracefully glide through it and make your entire defence miss is generational and his inclusion is a no-brainer. Helping the Seahawks to two Super Bowls in three years, in which he amassed 4,879 yards on 547 carries, the other 31 head coaches will be left wondering how they missed on such a prospect.

Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland Browns. 19,005yds, 175 TD

The 2022 Cleveland Browns were a force to be reckoned with, led by Baker Mayfield. 4,270 yards through the air, a new league record, a mind-shattering 43 touchdowns and passes averaging 14.9 yards, this was no dink and dunk offence.That Mayfield broke the record previously set by *checks notes* Baker Mayfield in 2020 with 3,971 yards is a testament to the scheme implemented in Cleveland.Between 2020 and 2023 with the Browns, the 1st overall draft pick racked up 15,100 yards, 140 touchdowns in just 1,211 attempts.

Derek Carr, QB, Raiders/Vikings. 16980yds, 149 TD

Once out of Oakland (And away from Glyn) and settled in Minnesota, Derek Carr had a 2021 season to remember – posting up 3,949 yards, a then league record, and 32 touchdowns. Though he was unable to lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl that season, he picked himself up and lifted the Lombardi the following year.A high-octane offence, Carr was averaging over 12 yards a pass and terrifying defences with absolute ease, a true league X-Factor under centre.In his three seasons donning purple, Carr passed for 10,138 yards and an impressive 102 touchdowns, surpassing 30 in each year.