26th July 2017

Hall Of Fame Class of 2015


2015 Glyn Bury (Donkeyhugger)

Former Commissioner, Current Player


Inducted by, Midgetmoose

‘Glyn brought me to the forums after I subjected him to watching American football for a while. He was a natural commissioner and always ran the league well and kept everyone in line without overstepping his authority. His retirement into being a minion a fountain of knowledge/dogsbody is well deserved and so is his spot on the hall of fame. It’s fitting he is the first member. Although like a cricket captain that has resigned, it doesn’t seem to be helping his play’


2015. Tajvio McClure WR Arizona Cardinals. 6430 yds, 83 TD. 8 Seasons


What can we say about the 4th round pick out of Villanova, love him or loath him he put up ridiculous numbers in the early part of his career and became unstoppable an exceptional receiver.

2015. Shadi Okuyemi MLB, St. Louis Rams 366 TT, 24 sacks, 6 FF, 40 INT ,7 Seasons


The Man with 100 brothers who also all happen to play in the nfl, the number 8 pick in the 2015 draft wreaked havoc from day 1, 40 INTERCEPTIONS from the MLB position is amazing. he also made a few tackles now and again.

2015. Denard Robinson HB Washington Redskins, 8902 yds, 105 TD, 2977 Rec Yds, 30 TD


2015. Aaron Rodgers QB Packers/Huskies – 13,253 yds, 108 TD, 62 INT 1474 yds rush, 19 TD.


2015. Daryl Washington LB Cardinals – 563 TT, 25 sacks, 16 FF, 24 INT

Arizona Cardinals inside linebacker Daryl Washington (58) during the fist quarter of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012 in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

2015. Luke Kuechly LB Panthers – 543 TT, 18 sacks, 8 FF, 18 INT