26th July 2017

Hall Of Fame Class of 2017


2017 Matthew Hudson , Midgetmoose

Commisioner, Owner, Ultimate Moaner

Inducted by Glyn/Donkeyhugger

Founder member and multiple titles to his name, Moose may have hit a barren spell in recent times but gets a deserved spot in the OOH HOF for his willingness to get his hands dirty with the dark arts of commishioning while remaining amongst the upper tier of players in the league. Taking a leading role in the running of things in Madden 17, hes always there (even if not exactly happy about it) to help out & answer questions from anyone at any time. He’ll be hopeful of adding to his ring collection & cementing his legacy amongst the greats of OOH, I’m going to wash myself now.


Demarco Tolbert MLB San Diego Chargers. 84 Tackles. 42 INT. 3 FF.  3 Seasons

An almost unanimous selection for entry to this years hall of fame.The Arkansas product was unbelievably drafted last in the 6th round and after this career so many owners must be kicking themselves at letting the 6ft 4 linebacker slip through the net. A 3 down linebacker he could not only stuff the run but if you passed anywhere near him PICK CITY. 42 interceptions later a Phenom was crowned.

Sedrick Strahan MLB Chicago Bears. 86 Tackles. 19 Int. 3 FF.  3 Seasons

Drafted in 10th in the 2nd round of the draft this Oregon State legend soon matched that status in the OOH NFL.  An every down backer with fearsome tackling could do it all. He was part of the 16-0 team in 2019 and was a leader of the team from day 1. 86 Tackles and you can guarantee his opponents felt every single one of them.

Evan Bird FS Detroit Lions/Baltimore Ravens. 114 Tackles. 28 INT. 5 FF. 4 Seasons

Mid- draft pick, Check. Small town college, Check. Ball hawking superstar safety. Check! Drafted 25th in the 4th round Bird had a phenomenal rookie season with 13 picks. This established him as the no.1 safety in the league and he never looked back, later in his career with the Ravens he has become more of a run stopper but that may be because throwing anywhere near him is definitely a no-no.

Cornel Ragland HB Miami Dolphins. 4930yds. 43 TD Rushing. 1322yds, 5 TD Receiving.  3 Seasons

A first round pick in the draft it seemed Cornel was always destined for greatness and boy has he lived up to it. A hometown hero out of Florida State IF you can get hands on him you still have to bring him to the ground and good luck with that 167 broken tackles in his career and many more coaches broken hearts as they watched him skip into the end zone he was the 2020 MVP. A Miami Dolphins lynchpin and now a legend.

Breon Adkins HB Chicago Bears 4289 yds. 53 TD Rushing. 1793yds, 11 TD Receiving.  3 Seasons

Another HB drafted in the first round, this time with the 13th Pick. Oh boy did he deserve it. The Auburn product had a relatively slow start to his career but he exploded to life in his sophomore year. A dual threat HB just as likely to juke you out your boots rushing or receiving, With his blistering 96 speed if you didnt make that tackle he was gone. Another member of the 16-0 side. He will go down in Chicago folk lore.

Lakarius Thurman WR Atlanta Falcons. 5744 yards 46 TD Receiving, 4 Seasons

The 5’8 receiver from Buffalo University was the 26th pick in the 3rd round of the 2017 draft, Concerns over his height were unfounded as he proved size doesn’t always matter with an outstanding career on an inconsistent team. His combination of speed and elusiveness saw almost 2400 of his yards come after the catch. Lethal