6th July 2021

Hall Of Fame Class 2021

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D.J Tech Guy/ Best of the rest / O.A.P

Inducted by Mr X.

When we throw around the words “More Than a League”, it is in no small part due to the hard work of this year’s HOF inductee. Sorting out the website, running competitions, organising the cock fight at Preston. Even his name gives back to the community. DJ. No one knows what it stands for. But it’s provocative.  

Year after year he gives up his time to wrangle 31 manchildren, in order to give them things, and the cunts still make him chase after them. TO GIVE THEM THINGS. He likes programming, horse racing, eliminator tournaments and F-ing the S out of P’s. That is our DJ. 

The stallion has even become a perennial championship contender, only falling foul of Rayski’s reign of terror and the fact his fingers can kind of randomly flap around in high pressure moments like the wibbly tentacles that get Brent Spiner in Independence day. 

Most of all, he brings a warmth and character to the league that is irreplaceable. Like an old boat, gently bobbing up and down on a lake, softly tapping against the dock. An old as fuck boat. With a huge penis. 

We’re more than a league because you make us more than that, Deej.  So thanks, mate. And congratulations on entering the OOH HOF.

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Khalil Mack, Edge, Chicago Bears, 169 Tackles, 71 TFL, 57 Sacks, 5 Seasons

Our first defensive player to make the Hall of Fame class of 2021 is the fearsome Khalil Mack. In just 5 seasons he amassed 71 tackles for loss and 57 sacks, a constant threat coming off the edge number 52 demanded your respect, and if you didn’t want to give it to him, he took your soul instead. A worthy addition to the OOH Hall of fame.

Deion Jones,  Atlanta Falcons, 260 Tackles – 24 INT – 11 TD – 5 Seasons

The second name to make it into the 2021 class is Deion Jones. The Falcons line-backer was the lynchpin of this Superbowl winning defence. Snagging 24 interceptions and making an outstanding 260 tackles the Falcons man had zero chill when he had the ball in his sights, as if that wasn’t enough he took the ball to the house 11 times to cap off an outstanding year.

Jamal Agnew, WR, Detroit Lions. 7160yds, 69 TD

Jamal Agnew, doesn’t possess blazing speed (hes not slow either) he’s not physically dominant at only 5’10 but whatever IT is, Jamal Agnew has IT. With over 7000 yards and 69 TDs he is one of, if not the best WR ever to enter the hall of fame. with 5 straight 1000yd seasons and outstanding route running, Agnew could not be stopped.

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami Dolphins. 15927yds, 140 TD

Quiet year for Tua this year didn’t hear his name too much right?, Wrong. that didn’t stop him putting together an outstanding stat line and 2 superbowl rings on top, all the while only throwing 81 interceptions over 5 seasons Tua was an outstanding QB and leader of the dominant Dolphins side.