Gang Green

Gang Green Season Review

The season is in the bag and the Jets didn’t make the playoffs or even .500 but there were definite signs of improvement as the season went on. Following last years winless season, just winning some games was going to be the target and in that regard, the Jets exceeded expectations. 
Prior to the start of the season, looking to upgrade the Oline, Gang Green sent their 1st to the 49ers in exchange for a few playes (and the owner didn’t have the pressure to pick 1st! which had been worrying him quite a bit). 

As the season began, the Jets offense that spent all of last year virtually comatose started to show signes of life by not getting shut out till week 2, but was still hampered by Sam Darnold doing his best Nathan Peterman and regularly picking out the other sides defense. This spurred the owner into completing a trade for Aaron Rodgers to lead the Offense. 

Week 1 the Cardinals came to town and Sam Darnold threw a welcome party gifting the Cardinals 5 Interceptions as the jets managed to score a paltry field goal. Week 2 The saviour arrived in the form of Rodgers as the Jets went to the powerhouse Chargers. Looking instantly at home Rodgers threw 3 picks as the Jets totalled 48 offence yards as the offence slipped back into a coma. The Jets played tough in the first half, only being 13-0 down at half time before the game got away in the 2nd half.  Week 3 saw some points on the board as the Bills got 14 points against the Colts but still lost 35-14. Rodgers continued to find his feet throwing a further 5 picks (15 in 3 games so far)

JETS WIN. Week 4 finally saw a breakthrough as the Jets travelled up to Buffalo for a division clash. Trailing 22-3 early in the 3rd quarter, the Jets pulled of 20 unanswered points to win their first game in 20 attemtps, beating the Bills 23-22 with Rodgers completing 22 of 31 for 2TD’s (as well as the 3 contractually mandated picks!) In this game highly payed wideout Jarvis Landry was ded and is out now for 2 seasons. 

Weeks 5 and 6 saw the Jets suffer the well known first win drop off, losing to the Rams 3-19. Rodgers went out injured for the game, but Darnold picked up the slack, tossing 5 more pics. In week 6 Rodgers pulled himself back together for a heroic effort against the high flying 49ers with 6 pics as the Jets pitched a shutout losing 38-0.

Bye Week – no interceptions

Fresh out of the bye week, the Jets hosted winless Miami and squeezed out a 26-22 win. Rodgers nearly hitting 400 years passing in this one. Following their second win, the Jets returned to their encouraging normal post win slump, losing the next 5 games to the Patriots (twice), Bills, Chiefs and Seahwaks but encouragingly only getting blown out in 3 of 5 games and playing the Patriots tough both home and away. In the second Patriots game, the Jets achieved another milestone in managing to go an entire game with no Turnovers. Aaron Rodgers after the game commenting that “Wow – we’re playing in green? things are a lot clearer now I’ve found my contact lenses”. 

Week 14 saw the 2-10 Jets host the 11-1 Broncos and in possibly the upset of the millenium came away with a 31-28 win, kicking the game winning field goal with seconds remaining. Qunicy Enunwa led the charge catching 8 for 142 with Crowell doing the damage on the ground with three short TD runs. The owner commented “this was the best game Ive seen from these idiots now where’s my booze gone” once his heart had stopped racing and he had been led away by friendly staff to calm down. 

Week 15 the Jets went into another post win slump losing to the Raiders 23-3 then came Week 16 where the Jets played the Dolphins again, looking to do the double. For the first time in 2 seasons, the Jets led a game (every other game even the wins, the Jets were losing at half time and going into the 4th quarter). Rodgers pitched his second interception free game of the season and Tyler Hugbee went off on one with 6 for 169. Kenny Stills proved to be a big matchup challenge going 4 for 186 and 2 scores against the Jets but we did enough to keep in front. 

The season ended with a 28-14 loss to the Ravens but there is some optimisim in Jets camp for the next season. Some decisions need to be made on some veteran contracts and having had a years experience at FA the owner feels more confident to steam in for the players he needs to hopefully get the Jets back to a 4-12 record next season. 
Notable highlights include Qunicy Enunwa emerging as a go-to WR coming 5th in the league for receptions, Isiah Crowell second in the league for carries and Rodgers not leading the league in interceptions (but coming close second to Matt Ryan with 39) and the Jets D leading the league in Points allowed – WIN WIN!