5th August 2019

Gameplay Standards and In-Game Rules

General League Settings

Difficulty Setting – All-Pro
Quarter Length – 8m
Accl Clock – on – 10 secs
Salary Cap – On
Coach Firing – Off
Pre Exsisting Injuries – Off
Kick Arc- Off
Defensive Graphics- Off
Playbooks, Standard Team Playbooks Only, Must be shown prior to the match starting.

League Settings
Visual Feedback

Pregame Settings and Rules

At the team selection screen, both teams must show there playbooks to ensure no custom books are being used.

The Away team MUST wear white, unless you have previously arranged something different with your opponent this is to save time waiting for your opponent to colour co-ordinate there wardrobe only to choose something that clashes with your kit, if your game is a snow game, you should restart and choose another jersey more appropriate.

Both players are required to stream

Before the game kicks off announce in the League chat the game is starting and who is streaming.

If your not using the correct graphic settings you will be subject to discipline. If you notice something with your settings is wrong inform your opponent and restart the game.

Standard kick-offs should be used at all times unless the situation requires an onside kick. The use of the kicking glitch is also banned. If this is used we would expect you to give the opponents the points back.

No constant use of same formation / plays  Mix it up. Use varying formations and play types, all plays from 3 formations is not mixing it up. Coach Suggestions is not to be used outside of the 2 minute warning.

Even out Offensive play calling Stats lines of 3 passes & 30 runs (and vice versa) should be avoided. This is monitored and as a baseline 60/40 either way is normal, 70/30 either way will be punished.

Defensive playcalling. Once a concept has been used it cannot be used again the next 3 plays. Concepts are. Man Blitz, Cover 4,3,2,1, Cover 2 man and Z.Blitz 3 deep.

Even out the run directions. Mix up inside & outside, counters & draws and ensure you run them the way they are supposed to be run. Inside run plays including draws must make a CLEAR attempt to run beteween the tackles! If you want to run round the edges use outside runs, pitches etc.

No use of ‘glitches’ to gain an advantage. If it affects the AI performance unnaturally it is a glitch so don’t do it. If you are found to be using glitches in the games AI for example ‘nano blitzes’ and youtube plays you will be banned from the league. Nobody is impressed when you have to use abuse the game engine to win.

No unsportsmanlike behavior when winning (Running up the score, Taunting) or when Losing (Deliberately missing tackles, drawing flags or otherwise spoiling the game) You should give your best at all times and should not be giving up just because you are a couple of scores down.

Rage quitting conceding the game or forcing a disconnect. 0 tolerance on this. Play the game out.

Play action 

  • Calling any PA play on 3rd and long is not allowed. For clarity, Long is anything more than 3rd and 6.
  • Cancelling the QB’s animation on PA is also not allowed at any time. 

Hot routes should be used sparingly, If you dont like the look the defence has given you, change the play, that will give you another 4 options, Change the play instead of using hot routes constantly.

Racking up stats should be avoided at all costs. Unrealistic totals give unfair XP advantages to those players. Whether this means subbing people in or out, it is your responsibility to ensure your stats are balanced.

On defence you should vary your user, and not use the same one every play. This applies to DL and LB/DB users.

No running up the score – If you are leading by 3 TD’s you need to think very carefully about how you play when the ball is in your hands.

  • Use chew clock where appropriate including against CPU
  • If it is in the 4th Qtr message your opponent and ask them if they want you to chew clock. If they agree do not score any further TDs (on either side of the ball) and chew clock as requested.
  • If they do not respond or disagree, continue to try and control the time of possession and move up the field by running the ball 3 to 4 yards at a time. If you are in FG range and on 3rd down, try to gain a first down only, not a 40yd gain. If you fail, take the FG. Its now a 24pt game!
  • If your opponent scores a TD then you can score TD’s/FG as required to re-establish your lead.
  • If it is not in the 4th Quarter, play as close to normally as you can but think about controlling the clock rather than 1 play TD’s. If you continue to gain small yards and eventually score a TD then so be it, but be very very careful. Again If you are in FG range and on 3rd down, try to gain a first down only, not a 40yd gain. If you fail, take the FG. If the game score is getting out of hand message your opponent .
  • If you can kneel the ball and end the game, no other play choice is appropriate.
  • If you are on the other side of the ball do not use terrible defence (Bringing everyone to the line of scrimmage or running goal line defence on the half way line) to try and get your opponent into trouble or make life difficult by taking TO’s, just message them and ask them to chew clock. And if you do agree to the clock being chewed and get the ball back it doesn’t mean you start playing again properly throwing bombs downfield. Don’t be a dick.

Cheating, cheesing, unsportsmanlike conduct of any nature or abuse of fellow members will not be tolerated

Hurry up should be used sparingly, and only for consecutive plays when trailing by a significant margin or inside the 2 minute warning.

If you have any mis-givings about a game or another member DO NOT speak to them directly and do not announce it in chat. PM a commissioner for them to investigate, provide game clips or times on the twitch stream where the issue occurred, 

Where the issue needs rectified immediately pause the game and contact a commish. Telling your opponent they are in the wrong during a game will result in disciplinary action for you.

Remember don’t be a dick.

PreSnap Controls

Taking control and moving a defensive player pre-snap is allowed, providing:

i) You must keep control of that player until after the ball is snapped
ii) you do not move a D-line player back off the line or to the outside of the tackles
iii) you do not move a line-backer to a position directly behind a defensive lineman
iiii) Continuous presnap motion of lines (side to side or up and down is not allowed)

It is perfectly acceptable to use defensive playmaker to adjust your d-line and line-backers. Whether that is show blitz; shift them left or right; pinch or spread; blitz inside or outside or any of the other standard in-game adjustments. Whilst these are acceptable they should also be kept to a reasonable amount and should not be used to obviously affect CPU AI

No continuous use of pre snap motion – offence or defence. Starting the play on offence when you have a player in motion (motion blocking) is strictly prohibited/

4th Downs

Limit the 4th down attempts to occasions when necessary such as but not exclusive to

-close to goal with minimal time left in half
-when trailing by a significant margin
-Too close too punt but out of field goal range (in oppositions half only) and not every single time!
-4th downs should not be attempted in your own half, take your medicine and punt the ball,You should only go for it on 4th down when losing late or when it would be reasonable for a real NFL team to go for it. For example, on 4th and short from the dead zone (your opponent’s 35-45-yard line).

“I wasnt confident of stopping there offence” is not an excuse or valid reason to attempt a 4th down

Only attempt 2pt conversions when needed, Attempting a 2pc with the last play of the game to win is highly discouraged

Clock Management

Chew Clock should only be used in User v User games inside the 2 minute warning or where both teams agree the game is done and dusted, it should not be used outwith these situations, similarly plays should be called and run in a reasonable amount of time, it shouldn’t take 30 seconds to pick a play every single down.

Stat Padding
Stat padding is strictly prohibited. The This applies to any stat, TDs, yards, defensive stats; in a single game and across the whole season. The COMMISIONERS will decide where someone is overstepping the mark

Discipline. Commissioners will have 3 options available to them,

Minor wheel- To be used for administrative issues only

Medium Wheel- To be used for minor in game transgressions

Major Wheel- For serious breaches of the out of hours rules or coaches who have already had a medium wheel.