Gameplay Etiquette

Today I’m going to bore you all with a reminder on what we expect in regards to gameplay etiquette..

So Madden 17..  we started to notice a creep back to the bad old days.. people found plays that ‘worked’, used them, used them a lot and frankly this got on my tits. Playing the same game every week got pretty dull, even more dull than losing every week.  We let it slide alot as there wasn’t much of a clear stance on what was deemed acceptable. Also things weren’t reported or if they were we couldn’t actually review the complaint because the game hadn’t been broadcast. We’d then see these issues just brought up in chat as a chide remark followed by an hour of mind numbing, childlike bickering.

Soooooo.. with all that in mind


  • Broadcasting games – This is a staple of our league.. and, in the main, its needed to stop people being tempted to flaunt other rules aswell as to also shoot down irrelevant whining.  This isnt 1997. Internet streaming on low setting should work on every connection out there. ALL games to be broadcast. Arrange with other player prior to kick off. If seems poor, pause, disconnect, other person broadcasts. All games should be archived unless unplayable lag is caused by the stream… which 90% of time it wont be.. it will be something else. restart game if you notice on kickoff / 1st play.. or better still, turn off that 4k stream of the football (or cruffs for Daly).  If you don’t know how to archive from Mixer, ask someone. Consistent offenders will be docked funds & picks (or have player rendered useless if you think having no money & trading away picks is a way to escape punishment)


  • Extending game beyond necessary time – The games last long enough… we don’t need an extra 5 minutes added because you want to dick around.   If you are able to kneel the clock to close the game & you attempt a pass (completed or not) – QB banned for next game. If you score a TD, either by running or passing.. 1) you’re a dick and 2) it will result in player bans of my choosing. 2nd offence loss of draft picks & player bans. 3rd offence.. lets just say we have people waiting to join.  Offences do not reset at end of a season.


  • Glitching offence – look, we all know how to google ‘madden 18 money play’ (apart from Craig) but you keep that stuff in your offline franchise. This is not to say these plays are totally banned… but if its noticed that a play is used multiple times in a game.. and I google the play name to find those magical words appearing.. expect a notice of player bans & a warning to tone down the use of said play.


  • Glitching defence – We found last year that some coverages, with a couple of pre snap tweaks worked exceptionally well for getting to the QB.. so people used them.. alot.. now setting up the same blitz out the same formation or package simply because the OL AI doesn’t react does not make you Dick LeBeau, just a dick.  We see these over used again & you can expect player bans


  • Spread the love part 1 Concerning WRs & receptions…  Make sure you spread the receptions around your WR corps over the course of the season, your #1 will of course have the most targets but we have a threshold there that gets us twitchy.. go over that & you’ll get a visit from the cheese police. Also, we know that big games happen from time to time, but if in a single game you attempt 25 passes and 20 of them go to one WR.. he’s not playing the next game.  Use a little common sense game to game


  • Spread the love part 2 – Offensive Touchdowns… 50 passing TDs to 3 rushing over the course of the season? 7 rushing TDs from one HB in a single game? 4 red zone trips, 4 slants to your #1 TE for a TD?  Yeaaaa.. don’t do that. Mix it up


  • Spread the love part 3 Concerning defence… its already been brought up and talked about heavily but re-iterated here to make sure theres no confusion. You must rotate who you are using on defence, be that DL, LB, S.. We know this will be hard to measure but we ask everyone to use a little common sense.  If you get 3 user picks with a player hold off usering him again that game… if you get 3 user sacks with a player hold off usering him again that game.    If we as a committee feel a player is being spammed he will get a ban.


  • Running up the score & stat padding – bone of contention this one.. I lose alot and I lose big but I’m not a fan of someone punting on me from inside my 5yd line.. however, if you find yourself way ahead in a game you must aim to run the clock down.  3 scores up in final Q? sub in backup HB and run it up the gut… if that eventually gets you to the goal line.. fine.  Passing in this situation is a complete nono…. especially bombs… really really bad juju.   In all case we will review the game and if we believe you have purposefully stat padded or run up the score then you will be without players the next game, new comers will get a notice reminding you to play nice.. but 1 warning is all before you can expect the same punishment as those that should already know better. Multiple offences you can expect loss of picks, fund deductions, players bans & eventual expulsion.


We can’t watch every game all the way through, its impossible… but we will check stats as results come in & if something looks off we’ll investigate it.  Likewise, if you think someone hasn’t played fair, PM one of us & we will look into it but, as mentioned at the top, what don’t want is bickering in chat over something that hasn’t been reported or something we’ve already ruled on.

Once we’ve investigated we will decide if there’s an offence occurred and whether or not punishment is merited, our decision will be final. No debate on the outcome as that will have happened already.

Any questions on the above, fire them across.. anything you think should be included feel free to bring it up too

Happy Madden 18

Go Jets….