Gameday Scheduling


Season 2 will start tonight and there’s just one small change to how it will run going forward. Season 1 we had an automatic 5 day advance, going forward we’ll have a 4 day automatic advance with the option of a 5th day if people ask for the extension. Once we advance they’ll be a provisional advance set for 4 days meaning if you want the 5th day after arranging with opponent you’ll have to message myself of CB. This should be done within 2 days. After 2 days we’ll confirm the advance for 4 days or potentially the 5th day should anyone request this.

This doesn’t really change anything other than making sure people are using the spreadsheet and actually arranging/playing games.

Any questions, pm me. I have also attached a link to the SS in which games need to be updated when you have scheduled with an opponent.

Good Luck in Season 2 and any questions just pm me