3rd September 2020

Additional Gameday Rules

Resigning players and Violations


Each Team will have 4 legends on the roster. 2 will be on offence and 2 defence. Example;


Tony Romo – 85 Ovr SS Dev – 22 Years old

Michael Irvin – 80 Ovr – SS Dev – 22 Years old

Ed too tall Jones – 85 Ovr – SS Dev – 22 Years old

Deion Sanders – 80 Ovr – SS Dev – 22 Years old

Legends can be traded but only to other User teams ie swap 1 legend for another. Year 1 you cannot have an uneven number on each side of the ball

Team Management

Silly contracts will be edited.

There are no limits to player contract in terms of years offered.

Violations include – but not exclusive to 

  • Offering a lower overall player a very long contract
  • Offering old players very long contracts to reduce the cap hit
  • Offering 2+ more over the fair year offer

Failure to follow resigning rules will result in.

– we will alter contract to 2yrs 10m
– you will cut & resign the player which will give you a 5m cap for 2yrs
– you will get a minor punishment wheel spin

Franchise Tag & Roster Minimums

The franchise tag can be used multiple times

Must have 3 QBs on roster
Must carry 53 players at all times


Once a trade has been agreed it must be sent to Chris Ritchie. The trade commission will then rule on 2 possible outcomes.

  1. The trade can proceed
  2. The trade is vetoed. 

We will always endeavour to do this as soon as possible, if you think a trade is borderline you can seek pre-approval from the commission.

  • Trades around the trade deadline and the draft must be completed before advance.

Trading players you received as a FA Lotto or Waiver pick, or someone you traded for is not permitted in the same season. Any moves to try and find a loophole in this rule will result in any players involved being cut, and any picks being forfeited.

Picks can be traded up to a maximum 2 years in advance. Anything further ahead than what is available in game is outlawed.  Therefore there is to be no trading if picks that you can’t trade on the game.

Practice Squads

If you intend to take someone from another teams practice squad then you should inform them.

The other team then has the opportunity to move them into there 53 man roster.
If they do not you make pick them up as requested. Once the player is on your roster, he must go into your 53 man roster and cannot be cut or traded until the following season.

CPU Trading
You may trade with CPU however there are strict rules on this as follows;

You MUST seek approval on any CPU trade prior to processing on console

If you wish to trade for a player on a CPU roster you MUST send your offer to a commisioner prior to offering on console

If this is approved by the trade committee you can then make the offer to the CPU team on console. If the CPU accept the trade will be automatically processed.

If the trade is rejected by the CPU and you wish to up your offer you MUST again submit the increased offer to a commish before you can reoffer to the CPU. This MUST be done prior to every CPU offer.

The CPU will also make offers for players on your trade block on game. You may accept these offers only once you have submitted the trade to the committee and it is approved.

If you carry out a trade with the CPU without approval whoever you traded for will require to be cut.

CPU trading is now further restricted.

The following are the only scenarios in which you can trade with CPU;

You can only make an offer for a cpu player and offer player(s) in return
You can offer your players for cpu picks

The reasoning for this is we are now almost full and don’t want teams ruined for anyone new joining.

The Draft and Player Editing/Changes

If you are not attending the draft let a commissioner know, if you have finished a draft let the commissioner know.

There will be a window post draft to allow you to edit a players position (or handedness if they are a QB this must be approved by a commish. Positions changes no longer allowed after preseason week 4. The only exception if it is needed to fill a roster slot due to injury and it must be approved by a commissioner

Only the following position changes are permitted

  • O-Line, Lineman can play LT, LG, C, RG or RT
  • D-Line, Linemen can play RE, DT or LE, Defensive ends can also play OLB.
  • Middle- Linebackers. MLB can move to OLB only. They cannot then be moved to any other position
  • Outside Linebackers can Move to MLB or RE/DE
  • Defensive Backs can play CB, FS or SS but they must play their position on the depth chart.
  • You may request to a commissioner that you can move a S to MLB. If this is accepted he must remain as a MLB for the duration he is on your team. If he is traded the new player owner can request the change back.