Gameday Offseason Schedule


Super Bowl –  Tuesday 09/06 8.30pm


Offseason Stage Opens — Re-signs completed this phase — WED 9pm
Offseason Stage 1 
— Free Agency/Trades — THURSDAY  9pm

Offseason Stage 2 — Free Agency/Trades/Scouting – FRIDAY 9pm
Offseason Stage 3 — Final F.A Bidding/Trades/Scouting – SATURDAY 7pm

Offseason Stage 4 — Trades/Last Chance to Scout
Offseason Stage 5
 — Draft — SATURDAY 8pm

If you are not drafting can you please let Chris know, if your pick is simmed in the 1st round you risk it will be simmed for the remainder of draft unless you inform him otherwise

The Following Steps will happen After the Draft:

Offseason Stage 7 — Rookie Signings (Which is Automatically done)
Offseason Stage 8 — Position Changes — 10 min period after the draft

Offseason Stage 9 — Preseason – Do not play games or sign anybody, Cut anyone the CPU picks up

1. Lotto Picks in by  SUNDAY 9PM. Published ASAP. Send your top 5 choices listing in order of preference to Kadeem (Bullet Club K).

Offseason Stage 10 — Season 6 – MONDAY 8PM