Gameday Legends

Just a quick post regarding the legends you choose.

  • 1 must be offence and 1 must be defence these players are untradeable and the players should be retired.
  • Where the team doesn’t have 2 legends that you can think of, for example the Browns, you can choose another legend from the NFL but if they have already been chosen by there respective team you will need to rechoose.
  • The Legends will all be very good but they won’t be superhuman, no 99 speed 99 acceleration HB’s etc.
  • We will use the legends to try and balance teams out so for example the Atalanta Falcons legends may not be as good as the Browns legends. Or it may be they replace a stud on your team (this will be discussed with you beforehand)
  • If you don’t send your legends by Sunday at 9pm they will be chosen for you as we need time to create them and dont want to delay the start of the league.

Any other questions just ask.