Gameday League Schedule

This is the provisional schedule for Preseason based on the patch arriving on the 10th of September

Sunday 13th September: League Created and Coaches can begin to join the league. DO NOT SIGN ANYONE OR PLAY ANY GAMES!!!!!!!

Monday 14th September: Free Agent Lottery picks (these are the current players in FA) submitted by 10pm to Kadeem (Bullet K Club). Players must be Signed by 9pm Tuesday 14th after that they will return to being free agents.

Tuesday 15th September: Advance to Preseason Week 2: Training and Games can be played if you wish

Wednesday 16th September: Advance to Preseason Week 3: Training and Games can be played if you wish

Thursday 17th September: Advance to Preseason Week 4: Training and Games can be played if you wish. Cut roster to 53 ensuring you have 3 QB’s.

Friday 18th September: Advance to Regular Season Week 1. Practice squad players can now be requested from other teams.

A reminder that you can trade with the CPU however there are strict rules on this so please read them before doing so.

Legends – Each team has 4 legends – 2 on offence and 2 defence. Please tell us who you want and we will add them to the rosters. Send your requested legends to Rory. Please specify which legend you want as 85 overall on offence and defence. The other two will be 80 eg;

Randy Moss WR 85, Wes Welker WR 80, Ty Law CB 85, Vince Wilfork DT 80