Gameday League Contracts and Free Agency Change


Good Afternoon Loyal Gameday Owners

Just a quick announcement in regards to the major sticking point which is resigning’s or lack of them.

As this was a new league we decided to try out a few new things, one which is making FA more interesting, in previous maddens resigning players was easy, you could keep offering the deals over and over again until the accepted the lowest offer possible. Good news is Madden 17 has address this and Players are more likely to walk if you lowball them too much

That saying for remainder of season we will stick to the 1 year max contract, but during Free Agency weeks 1 and 2 you will have the first option of picking up players that have left you at the end of the season, Week 3 will be fair game to all other teams.
All bids must be reasonable (NO LOWBALL OFFERS) if any contracts are deemed to be unfair to what player is worth these contracts will be edited.

At end of season we will ask for a list of your free agents you wish for to bid on in week 1 and 2, this will open up your unwanted players early to rest of the league,

From Free Agency, onwards
Max Contract length – 3 Years
Max Bonus – no more than 50% of CONTRACT
Any questions please let CB, DJ or Oli know