Free Agency Rules

As you may or may not know EA have taken away the points indicator during FA thereby completely fucking our FA system up. The new rules are now below.

Following advance until 2 hours before the next advance (usually 8pm) you can bid on FA players as normal. the 10pt rule will not apply. HOWEVER you must send a picture of your bid to the FA team. (Chris or SC) immediately after posting your bid.

At 6pm the highest winning bid will be posted publically.

Between 6 and 8pm this bid than can then be matched by anyone interested. It doesn’t have to be a like for like offer but the monetary value must be matched. For example. If I have offered JJ Watt 50m, 10m Salary, 40m Bonus over 2 years. Someone else could offer 50m , 25m/25m they could also try offering less. Again once your bid is submitted you must send the picture to Chris or SC straightaway.

If you submit a bid at anypoint, it cannot be withdrawn until your bid has been exceeded. All other usual FA rules apply.


  1. Submit offer and send image of bid to FA team immediately.
  2. Do not withdraw bid until your offer has been exceeded.
  3. Matched bids only after 6pm on advance day

Thank you. and fuck EA

Cheers Cubas