4th August 2019

Free Agency and the Offseason

We have a number of systems in place to cover Free agency to try and give everyone a fair opportunity to pick up players without a team.

Pre-Season FA Lotto

These rules affect week 1 of pre-season before we cut down to 53. After the off-season there will be a large pool of FAs, and the lotto means that everyone has a shot at getting who they want.

  • At the start of pre-season FAs are off limits to everyone, the lotto is the first opportunity to claim them. Once this process has been completed you will be assigned a list of players you have ‘won’ to sign, and then cut to 53.
  • You willl need to send a list of ONLY FIVE players you would like from the lotto pool. These should be in order of preference as that will be one of the tie breakers. Therefore if you really want someone they should be #1 on your list, as it gives you the best chance to acquire them.
  • Once these lists have all been handed in to the relevant commisioners, specified below. They will then be processed on two tie breakers. The first will be order of preference, the second reverse draft order.
    • Original League Lotto – Chris Ritchie
    • Gameday League Lotto – Kadeem (Bullet K Club)
  • Only once the lotto in complete do players clear waivers, however please note any cuts to 53 will be subject to waivers. Any cuts from this point on will also be subject to waivers. The waiver system remains in play until the end of the season. This is defined below.


This process is again to allow every owner a chance to acquire players cut by other teams. There will be a defined commish for each of the leagues that is responsible for processing waiver claims and maintaining the waiver order.

– Original League waivers – Chris Ritchie
– Gameday League waivers – Kadeem (Bullet K Club)

Every player cut after the FA lotto is subject to waiver claims for a the rest of the game week, and the first 24 hours of the next week once this has passed claims will be processed and anyone left are fair game for anyone to sign.

  • If you want to make a claim in this period you must tell the appropriate commissioner in your league and they will note this down, along with any others who want to claim.
  • 24 hours after advance the claim will be processed. This is to make sure it is measurable as you can see who was cut when on the transactions page and cannot be circumvented by cutting before advance. The owner who is highest in the waiver order will win the claim and be able to sign the player.
  • The waiver order is
    • Worst Record
    • If tied, Draft order
  • If you drop a player you are still allowed to put in a claim for him via waivers, however, you will be at the bottom of the order for that player no matter previous position.

Offseason Free Agency

1. If there is an existing bid on a player, you can bid up to the same number of points of leading bid. If you wish to increase the bid, it must be a minimum of a 10 point increase.  For example, Team A has a bid on Player Z for 50 points. You can place a bid on the same player for up to 50 points. If you would like to increase the bid on Player Z, you’re point total would have to be a minimum of 60 points.

All owners are required to send screenshots of bids to a member of the FA team. In this format, Nothing else is accepted. Commissioners will announce the max contract length at the start of FA. Like with resigns the contract years cannot go above the fair offer number ie if the fair offer for years is 2 you cannot offer more than 2.

2. Once you remove a bid from a free agent you are no longer allowed to bid on that player for that round.  Anyone found to be intentionally (excessively) running up bids to just to drop out will be penalized. This comes under the rule of Don’t be a dick.

3. You are not allowed to lower a bid once it has been submitted. For example, if Team A and Team B are in a bidding war and Team A reached 75 points, then Team B drops, Team A must remain at 75 points. You can’t reduce your bid simply because the other stopped bidding on the player.

4. In the event a Free Agent is signed and a final bid screenshot is not available, the team
will have to release the player(s) signed and will have to deal with the cap penalty. If the cap penalty is so excessive that the team is unable to get to the required 53 players, cap penalty will be cleared. If this done, that team will then forfeit their 2nd round draft pick in the upcoming draft, and will have trade rights revoked until the following seasons draft is complete.

5. Once you bid 100 points or MORE, you are locked in on that bid until the player signs a contract. You are NOT allowed to remove yourself from the bid regardless of where you are on the points leader list.

6. In FA bidding, the final hour before advance is no longer sniping time. Maximum bids are locked at this point and can only be matched by other owners.

7. There is no longer a rule regarding max 50% bonus, however anything stupid will be edited.

8. Failure to follow these basic rules and signing a player incorrectly will result in you having to cut them with no penalty relief. Also don’t be surprised if the player isn’t keen on signing that new contract………..