5th August 2019

Franchise Rules and Standards

Game Deadline and Arranging Games

72 Hours from advance. Usual Advance time will be 9pm so for example a typical week would be.

Monday 9pm Advance
Tuesday Free day
Wednesday Free day
Thursday 9pm Advance
Friday free Day
Saturday free Day
Sunday 9pm Advance

Protocol – Week will advance earlier if all games are done and the schedule adjusted appropriately. This will be set 24 hours from advance and all game times must be on the schedule by then.

It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to arrange the games, contact should be made at the earliest opportunity and you don’t have to wait till the week has advanced. If you have received no contact from your opponent within 24 hours of advance you MUST let a commissioner know. It is the responsibility of the HOME team to add the game time to the spreadsheet. 

If you are continually reported to the commissioners as not having contacted your opponent within 24 hours (i.e more than once) you will be subject to disciplinary action or removal from the league

Play-offs: This will operate on the same advancing rules as the regular season, except advances will be reduced to 48 hours. If you are in the play-offs its a privileged that most don’t get, don’t hold the rest of the league up.

User games: Games should be arranged within 24hrs, and played within the deadline, once advanced put it on the scheduling spreadsheet and inform a commissioner if there any any problems within 24 hours of advance. There will be no extensions granted after this.

Be realistic with your availability, a 1 hour window on 3 separate days is not you being available for 3 days. Any scheduling problems must be reported to a commissioner, who has the final say on the game.

If a game is arranged and one party does not turn up within 15m of the scheduled kick off time and doesn’t contact the opponent. The opponent will be awarded the victory or have the option of playing CPU.


ALL games must be streamed using twitch (no other streaming service), by both players.

Ensure that your service is set to archive your broadcast.

CPU games must be streamed

If you have not streamed your game and there is any suspicion of not keeping to the rules you will have no defence.

Disconnections in User Games

In all circumstances the game should be imitated back to the same score/time/possession as the game was at and continued or restarted if both agree – this is up to the two participants this includes removing players for the game if they got injured. If a player has been injured prior to a disconnect this should be communicated to a commissioner who will let you know how long they will be out for, A commissioner will change the player to a punter to avoid any depth chart issues.

If the game is a blowout and owners cannot agree to restart/imitate the disconnected game, The losing team should go on auto pilot and the Winning team should play CPU, or depending on circumstances sim-a-win may be used.