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Three for the price of one....

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It's been a while...

I may have enjoyed myself a little too much at Glastonbury, but now that the post-festival blues have subsided and Griff gave me a tonking on Madden the other night normal service is resumed.

To make up for my prolonged absence, here are three top-notch podcasts for you to sink your teeth into (or listen to, as is the more common option).

1. Across the Pond - A Premier League Podcast

Aston Villa's playoff victory back in May restored the Birmingham-based club to their rightful place in the English Premier Division. Whilst they were away, I became a little bit obsessed with the NotTheTop20 podcast, and the superb work George and Ali do in covering the 72 teams of the Football League.

The step-up in division means that coverage becomes a lot more team specific. There are multiple podcasts to cover your EPL team of choice and some great content can be found within. However, I was interested in a podcast which took a birds-eye view of the whole league.

Across the Pond is definitely the best I have found to fit this criteria. AtP post weekly episodes discussing upcoming fixtures, tactics, the table and controversy. The podcast also features guest appearances by journalists from BBC, The Guardian, ESPN and USA Today.

Find them at www.acrossthepond.co or your favourite podcast streaming service.

2. Reasons to be Cheerful

As podcasts go, this selection is more like shopping for CDs in a HMV megastore rather than hunting for rare vinyls in an independent arcade stand. Nevertheless, this series by Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd about ideas deserves the praise, and has preserved my sanity on many long journeys for work.

Thanks to a considered and relaxed style, the big topics discussed in this weekly podcast never feel too weighty, and, by rights they should. In recent episodes, Ed and Geoff (along with expert guests) have discussed LGBT inclusive education, the fate of diesel and petrol powered vehicles and the case for social ownership of the UK water system. Most weeks are Brexit-free zones, and there's even a Book Club. What more could you want?

Check them out on Twitter @CheerfulPodcast.

3. Unspooled

Have you ever read a list of the '100 Greatest Films of All Time' in a magazine or website article, only to realise how many you haven't seen?

Now is a good time to do something about it. Unspooled is a podcast dedicated to working through the AFI 2007 List for the Top 100 American movies, and working out if all really deserve their place. Hosted by actor/director Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson, Unspooled is a shared weekly experience of the wonders and weirdness of cinema history.

Each week, Paul and Amy review a new movie from the AFI Top 100 in random order, assisted by a special guest connected with the film. Everything from cultural impact to technological breakthroughs is covered. The podcast also has active Facebook and Twitter communities, so you can carry on the conversation after the podcast is over.

Find your excuse to sit on your sofa watching some of the best movies ever made with Unspooled at www.unspooledpodcast.com

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