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Strong Opinion Sports *Podcast and YouTube Channel*

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Football is a team game, but there's a reason why Quarterbacks are always 'the face' of a franchise. Idolisation and scrutiny are at their most extreme for passers in the NFL, and since all of us football fans will spend so much time talking about them, it helps to have a good reference point for studying those under center (or in shotgun 62% of the time as a league average in 2018).

Strong Opinion Sports is a podcast by Zac Shomler. Zac is a college football player who covers a range of NFL and college football topics with an analytical eye, but delivers his insights in a way which is easy to digest. His reviews of quarterback tape are a particular highlight. All of the Top QBs in the most recent NFL Draft were studied extensively, so if your a fan of Broncos, Cardinals, Giants or Redskins, I highly recommend you start there.

Strong Opinion Sports podcasts usually vary between 1hr to 2hrs in length, and are available weekly (usually). Zac also posts shortened clips to YouTube, which are a useful companion piece allowing the audience to see the tape which is being discussed for certain topics. The podcasts are available on Apple, Soundcloud, Spotify and a number of other podcast platforms.

As always, please let me know what you think of this recommendation. I hope you enjoy.




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