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The RSS Guy

How much does an Elite CB cost? (Two 1st Rnd picks Obvs!)

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Tom and Charlie Welcome you to Week 7 in the NFL. The trade deadline is fast approaching and we've just had a big one. 

Ramsey to the RAMS-eys! It was meant to be! Who comes out of this on top? Return of form to both teams? 

Sam Darnold  returns to stop the Cowboys at home. Damn those Jets have missed him. 

What is going wrong at the Chargers? 

San Francisco 49ers Defense is afraid of no-one, another win for them makes it 5-0 the first time since 1990, now the Redskins stand in the way of 6-0. The Jets stand in the way of the New England Patriots for the same record. 

The RETURN of "Who Are You?" is back, can you guess the player? 

Plus Charlie and Tom tear up the Boom or Busts, will this week be the week Tom gets his first point? 

Its all here if you like your NFL :)

A podcast discussing all the latest goings on in the #NFL. Getting the fans views heard.

Listen to the POD

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