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Bite-sized NFL discussion

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As a Browns fan, I feel like I save all of my annual ageing for game days, but now we're deep into the first NFL off-season I've experienced where we may actually be quite good this upcoming season, I may have to re-evaluate that.

In the long drawn out days with no football, sometimes it's great when an NFL podcast fix can be delivered quickly, and with great humour. My recommendations today both meet that remit in very different ways.

First up, I'm going to unashamedly plug the new podcast which involves two OOH Madden players. Nickel and Dime is a new podcast which boasts the talents of Kadeem Simmonds and Tom Valentine and, although not surprised, I've been impressed by the level of discussion, especially when jumping between NFL talking points. Episodes vary in length between 30 mins and an hour, but even in the shortest episodes the guys manage to cram in a lot of considered content.

Find Nickel and Dime at nickelanddimepod.libsyn.com

My next recommendation comes from the CBS Network of podcasts, and their Pick Six NFL Show. If I'm being honest, I purely selected it because host Will Brinson displays a level of excitement for the presence of Brady Quinn unmatched outside of Cleveland Browns forums circa 2008!

In all seriousness, this slick podcast is well balanced between in-depth debate and a league-wide news sweeps, and the transitions between topics feel conversational and informal. New podcasts are made available every weekday, which means you're never far away from your next hit of NFL talk, and also makes the consistency in quality even more impressive.

Pick Six NFL Podcast is available on all major podcast streaming services, and follow them on Twitter @picksixpod  

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