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  1. Nice bye week for us, and after the injuries we picked up last week it has come just at the right time. Followed in W7 by the Fins too.
  2. Brees out @kiwinavega I need all the help I can get
  3. Looks like some decent games on the late slate this weekend,
  4. Did the Seahawks PI red flag appeal pass earlier? Missed it
  5. Looking forward to the game v Panthers. What I’m looking forward to watching it how the rookies are progressing especially Oliver and Singletary.
  6. I don’t doubt that at all. He did have three stellar seasons in the previous decade. My point was for this decade he only had 4 seasons to count
  7. Well I’ve watched the first half and I’ll catch up on the rest later. Singletary looks very promising as a HB seems to have good vision and caught the ball well out of the back field. A lot of the starters on D played early and did well forcing multiple 3 and outs - it was against Brissett though but I’ll take it. Josh Allen has 2 or 3 series and passed ok. Went for the deep ball a lot and wasn’t accurate in it. Could of had a TD but a bad drop by Zay Jones who got smashed and left the game. Seemed to have better pocket presence and didn’t run at the first whiff of trouble. Very early days as I don’t know what side Colts put out but we moved the ball well on a couple of drives.
  8. What’s happening with the Others League lads @Moose any ideas
  9. Our Ds are pretty similar @Tobli93 one difference was each took a different 49erlinebacker think PWill retired in 14/15 that was the only downside for me. And think one of those years was a write off. I loved him as a player though. His strike rate of seasons played to all pro selections was amazing.
  10. Shows the strength of the Hawks D with 4 in your All Decade too Tobli
  11. The NFL All Pro sides don’t distinguish L/R so if it’s good enough for them I’d take the second best LT of the decade over the best RT surely?
  12. QB - Tom Brady HB (2) - Lesean McCoy, Adrian Peterson WR (2) - Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson TE - Rob Gronkowski T (2) - Joe Thomas, Tyron Smith G (2) - Jahri Evans, Zac Martin C - Maurkice Pouncey DT (2) - JJ Watt, Aaron Donald EDGE RUSHER (2) - Khalil Mack, Von Miller OFF BALL LINE BACKERS (3) - Luke Kuechly, Navorro Bowman, Bobby Wagner CORNERBACK (2) - Richard Sherman, Darelle Revis SAFETY (2) - Earl Thomas, Eric Berry KICKER Justin Tucker PUNTER - Johnny Hekker RETURNER - Patrick Peterson
  13. Some great choices there lads. I’ll post mine up tomorrow. Il tried to use the template the NFL use...I think
  14. As we are now in the final year of the 2010s, over the next few months the NFL will announce their all decade side. If we on OOH we’re selecting that now, and in the format below, who do you think should make it? Would you value 3-4 elite seasons over 6-7 of sustained excellent play? You don’t have to post the full selection but some thoughts on who should be considered. Then at the end we can post our team. QB HB X2 WR X2 TE T X2 G X2 C DT X2 EDGE RUSHER x2 OFF BALL LINE BACKERS X3 CORNERBACK X2 FREE AND STRONG SAFETY KICKER PUNTER AND RETURNER
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