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  1. Episode 190. Wardy bows out with a bout of tonsilitis, leaving Si & Sam to congratulate Liverpool on their Premier League success. Over to real football, and we've got alcohol & pornography, a change of ownership in Detroit and a sucker punch in South Dakota, before a look at the NFC West. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  2. Episode 189. Torn ACL's, contract extensions, and Old Chuba Hubbard, as well as an in-depth lok at the NFC South. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  3. As part of our Britball day content, we interviewed UK QB prospect George Reynolds and asked him about his journey so far. We talked about his aspirations and some of the highlights of his early career (including his trip to the Pro Bowl and having a training session with DeShaun Watson's personal coach!) as he looks towards putting in US College applications and why his dad, SkySports NFL anchor Neil should watch out if it doesn't all go to plan! Listen to the podcast
  4. Episode 188. It's our 200th ever podcast! So we thought we'd get in someone special who actually knows a thing or two about football. Following on from our last ITP about Eric Dickerson & SMU, NFLUK legend Jeff Reinebold joins us to discuss College Football in the 70's & 80's and the murky world of recruiting. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  5. Since 2017 the Bills under McDermott and Beane the Bills have gone through a rebuild and evolution, Matt and Alex chat about the Evolution of WR core and discuss how and what reasons could be a factor to the evolution of the WR core. We then breifly go over the expectations of 2020 and the potential bubble battles. Listen to the podcast
  6. Episode 12. One of the greatest players to grace the game, Eric Dickerson was almost unstoppable with the football in his hand. Outspoken and fiercely principled, he also understood self-worth and refused to accept anything less than he deserved. From SMU to the present day, we look at the rollercoaster ride that was the career of Eric Dickerson, and the shady world of college football recruiting in the 70's and 80's.Listen to the podcast
  7. Episode 11. When officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd's neck, eventually causing his death, it led to worldwide protests against racial inequality and police brutality - a cause that one NFL star, four years ago, knelt himself to raise awareness of. That man was Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback who took the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl just a few years earlier. His activism led to fury, involvement from Donald Trump, intervention from the NFL, and ultimately the end of his football career:Listen to the podcast
  8. Episode 187. Coining a five word phrase leads to a $400m career, as well as all the news and a look at the NFC East. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  9. Episode 10. The story of John Elway, Jim Kelly & Dan Marino begins in 1983, in one of the most memorable drafts in NFL History. A draft fall due to drug rumours, to signing for a USFL team, to choosing baseball over football - the league as we know it now could have been far different if three Hall Of Fame talents had embarked on different paths.Listen to the podcast
  10. Episode 186. A TV career in tatters, broken washing machines and Lorraine Kelly. Also all the news and a look at the AFC North. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  11. Matt goes solo on this episode as he interviews Supervising Producer of Pegula Sports and Entertainment Michelle Girardi Zumwalt, who produces the Embedded series, going behind the scences at One Bills Drive. Matt and Michelle discuss the ins and outs, favourite moments and challenges in record a popular series, now into its 3rd Season. You can find Embedded on the Buffalo Bills Official Youtube Channel Listen to the podcast
  12. Episode 185. The boys meet up virtually to discuss celebrity friends, pop careers and a busy week down at Sun Hill, before continuing their 'Wood For The Trees' offseason segment - this time focusing on the AFC West. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  13. Episode 9. The habit of winning becomes so ingrained in some teams and coaches that casual reflection can often sell their achievements short. For thirty-three years, all Don Shula did was win football games. In the wake of his recent death we look at his life, the records he set, the legacy he leaves and just exactly what it was that gave him 'The Winning Edge'.Listen to the podcast
  14. Tim & Adam take a look at how the off-season has shaken up the betting for the Super Bowl, MVP & a lot more including DAN MARINO JERSEY WINNER (00:55). Make sure you check out the YouTube version of this podcast!! Listen to the podcast
  15. Bills are Primetime baby. The Schedule is out, and teams are planning there assault on the division as well as the Superbowl. Matt and Alex sit down and discuss the Buffalo Bills NFL Schedule 2020 and give an way to early season prediction Listen to the podcast
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