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  1. Have a peaky blinder at this! James Koh of Yahoo! (and DirectTV Rob!) joins us to talk all about vacated targets from offences including the Steelers and the Jaguars (!). Listen to the podcast
  2. Ben & James are back as Ash is still away enjoying himself as you can tell....... Listen here
  3. The very first UK and Ireland Jets podcast of the 2019 season! Seb, Josh, Jon and Yousif take a look at the new look Jets, their offseason so far, what needs to change and the season ahead! Enjoy listening and we look forward to bringing you podcasts throughout an entire season for the first time! Listen to the podcast
  4. Following on from part one where Ethan Turner chatted to Tim about injuries in general, Rob now chats to Jesse Morse @DRJesseMorse talking about the Fantasy spin on injuries including some current players current on the shelf. Download/Subscribe to the podcast and follow all of our branches on Twitter! @Full10Yards @Full10YardsCFB @F10YFantasy @F10YBritball More content coming your way too on full10yards.com so keep those eyes peeled! Listen to the podcast
  5. Ethan Turner (@ETurnerFF_PT) joins us in the first of a 2 part series to talk through some injuries common in the NFL. We discuss Cam Newtons shoulder, ACL tears and concussions in amongst a whole host of injuries that some players deal with and break down the injury to the bone (see what i did there?). Make sure you give Ethan a follow and also Jesse Morris, who will be joining us for the 2nd part as he talks to Rob Grimwood for a more Fantasy Football centered chat. Listen to the podcast
  6. Episode 8. The NFL, as a brand and as a product, seems impervious to competition. Many startup leagues have tried to take on the billion dollar empire and help itself to a slice of the pie. All of them have failed. On this latest Inside The Pocket, the boys look back at the USFL, XFL and the recent AAF and try to understand what went wrong, and if they ever really stood a chance. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  7. This week we speak to Sandwell Steelers HC Maxwell Petitjean and Clyde Valley Blackhawks Chairman Gary Orr ahead of two crunch games. Good luck to all the teams playing for a place in the Bowls. We'll try and get a plethora of teams for next week's Bowl preview! Listen to the podcast
  8. Lee and Tom are back! A couple of days after their first college football quarterback rundown, the lads are back to bring you a whole load more college QB's! On this episode we run through: Nah, still not going to give it away in the blurb. What I can tell you however is that there's one small school guy that both of the lads really like and we also discuss the guy who just may be the face of college football at the moment, Trevor Lawrence. There, I gave you one guy, that's your lot. Enjoy! Listen to the podcast
  9. In the second episode of The Full 10 Yards College Podcast Lee is joined by F10YCFB writer and quarterbacking fan, Tom Borrett. This is part one of a two part QB rundown that the team are embarking on. Lee and Tom talk about college QB royalty, such as Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert but also some lesser spotted names that you definitely need to keep your eye peeled for throughout the college football season. To find out who those guys are, well... you'll have to listen to the podcast. I'm not going to go and spoil the surprise in the blurb, am I? If you like this episode, don't forget to listen out for part two which will be coming your way on Saturday. Listen to the podcast
  10. NFL Fantasy Live! host Marcas Grant joins Rob as they go through their Fantasy Sleepers for 2019. Not only that, but find out why Marcas is always so dapper! Don't forget to check out Marcas on Twitter, always a good follow, @MarcasG! Listen to the podcast
  11. Episode 136. Preseason is in full flow and real football is tantalisingly close. The boys gather together to discuss AB, Christian Wade & a kicker trade before making predictions for this year's major awards. They even have a few pint bets too. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  12. It's a packed episode this week as the trio discuss how a piece of equipment could force one of the best receivers to quit the game, Cowboys QB asks for a mega-deal to sign a new deal in Dallas and Ryan and Tom have enough of Kadeem and his lists and demand a Simpsons replace him immediately. Also, another Raider gets suspended and Tom meets a team in a pub and looks to start a long-term relationship, but who is it? Listen to the podcast
  13. Ben & James take a look back at the first pre season game of the season and Ash has left the country I repeat Ash has left the country!! Listen here
  14. Matt and Alex are back and talk Training Camp, Alex Rants again, there are technical issues and lots and laughter. We also discuss the Linebacker Position in our Roster preview and discuss the All time Roster at Linebacker. We appreciate all your support and love to hear your reviews. Please keep subscribing #Go Bills Listen to the podcast
  15. So what if its only Pre-Season, football is back and the Bills are 1-0 in Preseason with a 24-16 win over Indianapolis Colts. In this episode Matt and Alex interview the Co-Host of the Bills Beat and Bills Beat report Matthew Fairburn. We talk a bit on training camp, talk about about the Colts game, get his view on Christian Wade and Matt asks the question we all want to know.... You can find Matthew Fairburn on Twitter @matthewfairburn Thank you for your continued support and downloading/listening to our Podcast Listen to the podcast
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