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  1. @Vikes @TO5 @Donkeyhugger @Jbeeezy @SC90NYG Pm me your email addresses and I can get the invites sent out. @C.B @Scottish Champ @Jimmy @redordead0 @PFGers73 @_m@_ @Brent @Panthers_Kev I will be starting to get the money next week from you all. @Griff - you have paid already
  2. We have 10 confirmed entries (People that have accepted and entered the league). That is currently £100 for the winner. Another 3/4 on here still to enter, would be nice to get it to £150.
  3. Send me your email via pm please.
  4. Send me your email via pm please.
  5. Send me your email via pm please.
  6. Send me your email via pm please.
  7. Also, just to be clear. If there is more than one left standing and they go out the same week, I will be using the tie breaker as the deciding factor for the winner.
  8. @C.B @PFGers73 @Scottish Champ @Vikes @_m@_ @Panthers_Kev @Jimmy @Chris Can you all please send me a pm with your email address. I will be sending invites out for the Eliminator competition. Will chase on money in next couple of weeks.
  9. http://fantasy.espn.com/nfl-eliminator-challenge/2019/en/ Going to get numbers and I will set this up soon
  10. #1 - Bottom of the AFC West with a 6-10 record #2 - Chargers topping the group #3 - Jags to make Super Bowl #4 - Cowboys make the championship game #5 - Pats, Mahomes, Bosa (Chargers)
  11. I will be running this again for the 2019 season. http://fantasy.espn.com/nfl-eliminator-challenge/2018/en/ £10 per entry winner takes all.
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