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  1. Final two left in Eliminator. Good luck @SC90NYG & @PFGers73
  2. @SC90NYG early doors I know, but only three of you left and you have not made a pick.
  3. Rams decimated the field. Good luck to the remaining four entries: @TO5 @SC90NYG @Jimmy @PFGers73
  4. @_m@_ Friendly reminder about your pick.
  5. This weeks results with only the one person going out.
  6. @_m@_ Friendly reminder to get your eliminator pick in
  7. @_m@_ couple of close games for you 😉
  8. I think week 5 might be a biggie for the Eliminator
  9. I think next weeks choice might be a popular one as well.
  10. Results for this week. Unlucky Jordan, Browns were heavy favourites for that match.
  11. 😅 Just leaves @C.B and we are good to go. Good luck everyone
  12. @_m@_ Friendly reminder to get your pick in on the Eliminator website.
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