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  1. With the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback, Clemson.
  2. 49ers and Seahawks in NFC. Ravens and Chiefs in AFC.
  3. Because it is week 8 of the NFL Regular Season.
  4. Hello...? Heard a rumour someone got injured in the Thursday Night Football game
  5. Rams trade Marcus Peters to the Ravens, then trade 2 firsts for Jalen Ramsey 😮
  6. Daniel Jones gonna get injured/benched and Eli will come in to save the day and ruin the perfect season.
  7. Kirk Cousins losing against a team with a winning record again. Imagine my shock.
  8. Detroit shooting themselves in the foot against KC
  9. Dwayne Haskins v Daniel Jones in New York.
  10. Lions 0 goes. Bills 0 goes (though I think they'll run NE close). Steelers 0 goes. Broncos 0 goes.
  11. Wouldn't happen if you had <---This Guy
  12. Pats haven't conceded a point in the 1st half of a game since divisional round last year.
  13. Bad mistake by the refs in the Rams-Saints game but I'm sure Sean Payton will let it slide 🤐
  14. TJ Watt just about decapitated Russell Wilson. RIP.
  15. Eli Manning fumbles after suddenly thinking he is Barry Sanders instead of just simply throwing the ball.
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