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  1. Teams Superbowl Champion - LA Rams Superbowl Runner-Up - Browns Best Regular Season Record - LA Rams Worst Regular Season Record - Dolphins AFC East Champion - Pats AFC North Champion - Browns AFC South Champion - Colts AFC West Champion - Chiefs AFC Wild Card #5 - Chargers AFC Wild Card #6 - Jets NFC East Champion - Cowboys NFC North Champion - Bears NFC South Champion - Falcons NFC West Champion - Rams NFC Wild Card #5 - Seahawks NFC Wild Card #6 - Saints The Awards NFL MVP - J Goff NFL Offensive Player of the Year - B Mayfield NFL Defensive Player of the Year - A Donald NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year - D Singletary NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year -Q Williams NFL Coach of the Year - Dan Quinn NFL Comeback Player of the Year - JJ Watt The Players Most Passing Yardage - M. Ryan Most Rushing Yardage - E. Elliott Most Receiving Yardage - D. Hopkins Most Passing TDs - M. Ryan Most Rushing TDs- T. Gurley Most Receiving TDS - J. Jones NFL Sack Leader - JJ Watt NFL Interception Leader - T. White The Jokers Player with longest TD reception (and yardage) - C. Ridley 94 yards Player with longest TD rush (and yardage) - D. Singletary 96 yards Player with longest non TD reception (and yardage) - J. Edelman 91 yards Player with longest non TD rush (and yardage) - T. Coleman 85 yards
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