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  1. They look bad, Mayfield should be in the perfect spot to look like a franchise QB and he looks lost
  2. No i dont think so, unless Brees shows a dramatic drop off on his return or decides to call it a day after the season. And I dont see Teddy being the long term solution even if Brees does move on. Hes very limited in what he can do - had one excellent game but more miss that hit in the others
  3. oh aye I mean are we on the hook for 31m as soon as we tag... or is there a deadline etc
  4. think we'd need to tag & trade so not sure how feasible that is
  5. We're actually pretty good and i did not see it coming
  6. this has been poor quality game in london so far
  7. Oooo didnt realise London game was early ko this week The Mrs will be pleased
  8. 18-1 lolz aplenty no doubt this week.. but no chance of repeat on TNF where we fully expect a blow out by Tommy and the boys London sees the visit of NFCS rivals Panthers vs the Bucs. Bucs will be desperate for a win to keep in touch with the QB-less pair at the top of the division Texans @ Chiefs looks like the one to watch - should be points in this one Teddy & the Saints will be hoping to maintain their 100% record without Bress as they visit the Jags Rams will be hoping to get back on a track at home to the 49ers or their season could be looking like its over already @Members
  9. Knew we'd been improving vs the run but didnt know this. Used to be a day not long ago you'd pick a FF backfield based on who we were playing
  10. Ohh thats a good thursday night game. Looks like im working from home tomorrow 😄
  11. Matt Ryan playing like he's injured to show solidarity with his NFCS QB brothers
  12. Giants quietly becoming one of most dysfunctional franchises in the league Wish Jones luck. He's going to need all he can get
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