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  1. What. A. Game. Knew we'd somehow, somewhere, somewhy win! It's what we do...
  2. Rumour has it she's getting signed to the practice squad next week! 😎
  3. @Donkeyhugger Do you think there's (even a remote) possibility of moving on from Brees to Bridgewater after this season? I'm not up to much speed with all other teams in the league, but I've had Teddy B as my starting QB for a couple of weeks, and he seems to be doing pretty well (fantasy-wise!). Also, @Tobli93 read that Scheft thinks Brady will move on after this season. Thoughts?
  4. The ending to our game vs Chargers was totally insane!
  5. AFC seems to be rubbish this year!!
  6. Morning all... Australia woken up and tuning in. Now hopefully the Titans offense can wake up too...!!
  7. Think we waited till Monday to cut him. Surprised he didn't miss the door on the way out of Titans facilities!
  8. PMac (can't remember his new handle to @ him in!) - how do you see the game going at Mile High?! Who's favoured?! If it's Donkeys, we'll win... if it's Tits, you'll win. We're 2-0 in underdog games and 0-3 in favoured games.
  9. Well... that was fairly predictable! Didn't even both to tune in. Spurs game seemed fun though.
  10. Not looking forward to... but expecting a huge letdown. After spanking the Falcons in Atlanta and holding Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and their strong O in check. Expect OAP Gore to rack up 100 yards and some random, no-name WR to get a couple of TDs. Just typical of Titans really.
  11. At least you know what you've got when you're tanking... We looked world beaters in week one, so-so week two, hot garbage/burn it all down to the ground week three, and awesome in 30 minutes (and entire game on D) in week 4. I honestly have no idea what to come against the Bills in week 5!
  12. Read something earlier that Tom Brady has more Super Bowl losses than losses to the Bills... and he's played the Bills twice a season for 16 seasons! Damn!!! Sorry @Jimmy and Bills mafia
  13. Couple of Os gotta go... unbeaten Lions host Chiefs, and Bills(?) host Pats. Who will face their first losses of the season? Also, winless Bengals @ Steelers will make one team's O go. Will any of the other winless teams get their first "W" of the season? Dolphins (vs Chargers), Redskins (@ Giants), Cards (vs Seahawks), Broncos (vs Jags)
  14. Also added a Taco for their D. Surprised in full tank mode they're not planning on starting an actual Taco!
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