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  1. Kicked off just after 6 am Preferred the previous weeks, could watch it over lunch (and more importantly the right results!) Still... helluva season!! Shame couldn't get one more "W" to get the fairytale ending (AFC is the "home" SB team, so RT17 would've had his old locker back!) Mahomes makes it look so effortless.
  2. Who's watching?? Let's go Titans!!
  3. Channelling my inner Keegan... I would love it, absolutely love it, if we could beat the dirty Ravens... they've been talking so much smack/trolling on the Titans SB Nation site. Plus payback for two of our heartbreaking playoff losses when we were #1 seed. Would be sweet.
  4. I would change this to playoffs live thread, but can't let me edit... Saturday is taking so long to get here!!!! Who do we like in the divisional games??
  6. oliby

    Week 17

    PLAYOFFS!!!!!! King Henry with the rushing title too... AJ Brown with 1k, 8 TD season (should be ORotY) Watch out New England, we're coming for ya!
  7. oliby

    Week 17

    This is it... AFC: 1. Ravens 2. Pats 3. TBC Chiefs/Texans 4. TBC Texans/Chiefs 5. Bills 6. TBC Titans/Steelers/Raiders Chiefs win (against Chargers) early, they and Texans are locked in to #3 and #4 respectfully. Chiefs lose early, Texans win late (vs Titans) then Texans and Chiefs flip. #6 seed is where it's interesting: Titans - Win and In OR lose, Steelers, Raiders and Colts lose Steelers - Win and Titans lose OR lose, Titans lose, Raiders lose, Colts win Raiders - Win, Titans and Steelers lose NFC: 1. TBC 49ers/Packers/Saints/Seahawks 2. TBC 49ers/Packers/Saints/Seahawks 3. TBC 49ers/Packers/Saints/Seahawks 4. TBC Eagles/Cowboys 5. 49ers/Seahawks/Vikings 6. Vikings/Seahawks I think! Haha. The NFC is proper confusing this year...!!!
  8. He says that now... But, 'Nuke and Fuller are both ailing. Watson probably could do with some R&R. Amongst others. Think a couple on their OL too and some of their D. If the Chiefs (as probably expected) win at 1 PM, they'll be locked in at #4 seed and a home date vs the Bills. If there's nothing to play for, I fully expect those ailing to start but on limited pitch counts. But, TBH, we lost in week 14 by only 3 points with a not 100% Henry, missing 3 of our top corners (against Hopkins!) and starting a guy we just claimed off waivers the week before, without Humphries and Casey. Plus a freak 14 point swing TD/fumble/Int which flipped field position. Think with everyone back, and playoffs on the line, the way RT17 has been playing we can go in to Houston and get the "W".
  9. Win an in... Not bad from 2-4 start to the season. Hopefully better outcome than 12 months ago.
  10. Oh and I think we need to @Donkeyhugger to get an "@members" one @_m@_
  11. Well, bad Jameis came out to play today! Happy 'cos he's starting QB for @redordead0 in the FF final... Sad 'cos it meant the Texans won the division! Boo! Let's go J-E-T-S! tomorrow. Hopefully we can beat Saints, but, in a really surprising matter of fact, it has almost 0% playoff implications for us. Jets beating Steelers is much more important.
  12. What. A. Game. Knew we'd somehow, somewhere, somewhy win! It's what we do...
  13. Rumour has it she's getting signed to the practice squad next week! 😎
  14. @Donkeyhugger Do you think there's (even a remote) possibility of moving on from Brees to Bridgewater after this season? I'm not up to much speed with all other teams in the league, but I've had Teddy B as my starting QB for a couple of weeks, and he seems to be doing pretty well (fantasy-wise!). Also, @Tobli93 read that Scheft thinks Brady will move on after this season. Thoughts?
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