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  1. If the dolphins get a win and nobody comments did week 9 really take place?! Total aside... any Seahawks fans or sports memorabilia fans in general want a signed Brock Huard cap? I'll cover postage within the UK and if you fancied donating a fiver to Children in Need a week tomorrow it's yours!
  2. Anyone at the London game tonight? Bunch of my old teammates are there, but buying a house limits the amount of spare cash available for travel down!! Have to settle for the projector!!
  3. Found myself actively rooting for the Phins to lose, which feels very very odd. Not sure if Phins or Bengals suck more, be interesting to see who can suck more and secure #1
  4. Just setting ourselves up for when mortality strikes Brady and Bill!! We've got a helluva lot of cap space to. Need to hit on it, but could do draft and FA rebuild in one fell swoop.
  5. Didn't manage to watch anything this week as was working on Sunday day and family thing overnight. Did keep up with the scores of Phins and we managed to take one step closer to Tua with a toilet bowl win over the not quite as hapless Redskins. If current form continues, week 16 vs Bengals could be the decider of the #1 pick. It feels odd wanting your team to be shit enough to be the worst out there! But massive reset needed and 5 round 1 or 2 picks this coming draft, plus a ton of cap space ($150m iirc) should have us set up to build around a cheap and talented QB...I hope!
  6. The Tua bowl round one this week with Phins against Skins.
  7. Saw on Twitter that he's had more yards from scrimmage than Gurley and Elliot combined. No three bad
  8. Anyone at Spurs watching?
  9. Our closet defeat of tbe season...bye week!
  10. Bungles going to give us a good run for our money!
  11. Trying to think who I should root for to actually win games this season rather than win the number 1 draft pick.
  12. If only I could've brought myself to pick whoever was playing the phins each week
  13. Trying to think who I should root for to actually win games this season rather than win the number 1 draft pick.
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