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  1. Freddie Kitchens should be one & done with Cleveland
  2. Who knows. He said he will play til he's 45, he also is starting to look his age a bit. I'll believe it when we line up without him tho. But also, with a defense like this who needs a 🐐?? haha
  3. Happened with Frank Clark, with a QB it makes even more sense. I think the main issue is if you tag him and don't trade can your cap take a $31ish million #2 QB
  4. When one team allows a kick return TD from an onside kick I think it's pretty clear who sucks more 😉 My main question right now is how much will a team throw at the Saints for Bridgewater in the offseason... I can see the Bears getting really interested!
  5. So how 'bout dem Colts?! Handled Houston pretty well and seem to have incredible self-belief. PS: 2nd Sunday in a row without the Patriots has been very depressing for me
  6. That Steelers pick could still be a top 7 one too @_m@_ Tua + a tackle, then an athletic front 7 player with the Texans pick and you might be fighting for the #2 spot in the AFCE next year 😉
  7. Is this how Bears fans have felt for years? That the real fun is when your D/ST is on the field? I have never had this much fun with Tom Brady on the bench, not since the Butler INT anyway. The LBs are EVERYWHERE and Stephon Gilmore is sensational. I'm sure it will all change when we play a real offense, but right now this is truly awesome.
  8. So many fun games this week at both ends of the scale.
  9. It was quite nice waking up to some surprises today! Will have to give the Chiefs game a watch and see why they had to scupper my acca!! DJ Chark is awesome, and McCaffrey for MVP???
  10. TNF was an absolute joy and this Sunday's slate looks like like it will be full of quality. Baltimore @ Pittsburgh, MinshewMania, Packers @ Cowboys, & of course New England's ever-tricky schedule strikes again as they head to Washington. What are you looking forward to this Sunday?
  11. Only one team is actively tanking. The Broncos and Redskins just accidentally suck.
  12. Burfict suspended for the rest of the season! Which is nice.
  13. The nerd in me is really keen to see what the Lions D does to slow Mahomes. They did a great job vs the Rams this year and for all his HC faults Patricia is a really good defensive coach.
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