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  1. Like winter, *Cristian is coming. *although it could just be the way he's standing.
  2. I'm out before I've even paid the credit card bill that had my tenner on it. Nightmare.
  3. Fun while it lasted. Time to get Eli back in.
  4. Does anybody in the Pats FO have Antonio Brown's number? They might need him.
  5. Jameis obviously knew it was coming and got his tribute in early.
  6. I'm starting to suspect the Dolphins aren't very good this year.
  7. I'm quite impressed by the NFL Network's steadfast determination to talk about everything else in the NFL but this game on their pregame show.
  8. Oh crap. I'd forgotten they drafted Joe Buck in for TNF even when it isn't on Fox. Hopefully I don't run out of soft stuff to throw at the tv. It was expensive and the wife is pretty attached to it.
  9. Weird day. First the Cowboys start some guy they've plucked from the commentary booth at tight end and then the Patriots have a pensioner largely famous for liking a "happy ending" carry out their Lombardi. Hell of a league, man.
  10. Stood as called. Hard to overturn a judgement call.
  11. Bengals are such a tease. Really looked on for a bit.
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