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    @Vikes @TO5 @Donkeyhugger @Jbeeezy @SC90NYG Pm me your email addresses and I can get the invites sent out. @C.B @Scottish Champ @Jimmy @redordead0 @PFGers73 @_m@_ @Brent @Panthers_Kev I will be starting to get the money next week from you all. @Griff - you have paid already
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    Ive realised I got the wrong Joe
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    I know, but that doesn't translate on the field. You can't always flip side to side. Hawks D is the best unit of the decade. Dismantled the highest scoring offense of all time, the scheme is being mirrored/tweaked by like 1/4 of the league. They deserve to have the names in there. Also the likes of Polamalu and Reed straddled the decades too much to really qualify for 2011-20.
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    Well change it back because that wasn't the criteria
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    QB Cam Newton RB Jonathan Stewart Mike Tolbert WR Devin Funchess Ted Ginn Jr. TE Greg Olsen I think you can probably see where I'm going with this.
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    Hi guys and girls... It's time to start digging in to the ol'OOH treasure chest and bring back some golden oldies. First up, is the OOH Tipster. For those of you new, and those needing reminding, here's what you do. Copy the below outline, put your answers in the gaps, and just before Week 1, the thread will lock. Then we'll look back in February and find out who know's their shit and who know's they're shit! 😆 Good luck y'all... Teams Superbowl Champion - Superbowl Runner-Up - Best Regular Season Record - Worst Regular Season Record - AFC East Champion - AFC North Champion - AFC South Champion - AFC West Champion - AFC Wild Card #5 - AFC Wild Card #6 - NFC East Champion - NFC North Champion - NFC South Champion - NFC West Champion - NFC Wild Card #5 - NFC Wild Card #6 - The Awards NFL MVP - NFL Offensive Player of the Year - NFL Defensive Player of the Year - NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year - NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year - NFL Coach of the Year - NFL Comeback Player of the Year The Players Most Passing Yardage - Most Rushing Yardage - Most Receiving Yardage - Most Passing TDs - Most Rushing TDs- Most Receiving TDS - NFL Sack Leader - NFL Interception Leader - The Jokers Player with longest TD reception (and yardage) - Player with longest TD rush (and yardage) - Player with longest non TD reception (and yardage) - Player with longest non TD rush (and yardage) -
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