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  3. Shaun is joined by James and Jacob to look at the 49ers season, who are the key players to look out for and that all important question.....why will they win the superbowl? Listen to the podcast
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  5. Episode 167. Si & Sam discuss the two Championship games and salivate over what looks to be a fantastic Superbowl on February 2nd. They go through some news and a quick nosy at some of the college prospects declaring for the NFL Draft, and also offer you the chance to win some fantastic prizes courtesy of our friends from The Kickers Matter Podcast. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
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  7. Shaun, Lawrence and Euan chat conference championships, bring you some stats, and at least one of them tries to hype up the pro bowl. Listen to the podcast
  8. Kicked off just after 6 am Preferred the previous weeks, could watch it over lunch (and more importantly the right results!) Still... helluva season!! Shame couldn't get one more "W" to get the fairytale ending (AFC is the "home" SB team, so RT17 would've had his old locker back!) Mahomes makes it look so effortless.
  9. very much live! what time you at watching in Aus bro?!
  10. Who's watching?? Let's go Titans!!
  11. Tim and Adam with their best bets for the AFC and NFC championship games! Check out tdtips.com for Adam's great in depth analysis. Listen to the podcast
  12. A shorter podcast this week as we were unable to record the main podcast, however we were able to bring you our interview with Reid Harrison-Ducros, cornerback from Duquense Universty. We dive into Reid's upbringing around football in Texas, his college career and also Reid as a player and who he looks up to. Enjoy! Listen to the podcast
  13. Tim and Lawrence at your service! We recap a bundle of news including welcoming 2 players into the Retro branch of the Full10Yards (yes another jingle from Tim!) and look at the centennial HOF class for this year. The boys then break down the Championship games, giving you the history of the teams, the matchups and the reasons why each team can make the Super Bowl. Finish off with a few early 2020 playoff predictions, picking a few teams to miss next year that made it this year and some teams to make it next year that missed out in 2019. Listen to the podcast
  14. Episode 166. Schedules dictate a pod of two halves, with Sam joining Si in the morning and Rob chatting to Si in the afternoon. In true CPP fashion the pod is recorded backwards just to make it a challenge. We review the divisional playoffs and look ahead to the two Championship Games on Sunday. We talk some coaching moves, Cleveland, Carolina and take one final look at College Football with the Natty in the rear view mirror. Enjoy!Listen to the podcast
  15. With the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback, Clemson.
  16. Rivers to Gates, it got old 😪
  17. Well the 2019 season is over, so Matt and Alex are joined on the show by Matt Parrino and Ryan Talbot to review the Bills season and give each other there views and also discuss the Best, Worst moments and the Play of the Season. Enjoy Listen to the podcast
  18. Tim, Shaun, Euan and Jacob are the knights of the round table for this one. We bring you up to speed with some front office movements, go through all 4 divisional round games and then give you some Jason Garrett Corner treatment for Bill O Brien and some stats from the weekend. Listen to the podcast
  19. Another weekend of madness, love it 😍
  20. Titans looking dangerous! Henry is absolutely ballin' and that defence just wants to smack you in the mouth. Happy that Tannehill getting some success!
  21. Tim and Adam run the rule over the NFL Divisional round games and take a look at the Super Bowl Betting along with the AFC/NFC championships. Don't forget to give Adam a follow over @touchdowntips on Twitter if you aren't doing so already and Adam's great work can be found at tdtips.com. Listen to the podcast
  22. Channelling my inner Keegan... I would love it, absolutely love it, if we could beat the dirty Ravens... they've been talking so much smack/trolling on the Titans SB Nation site. Plus payback for two of our heartbreaking playoff losses when we were #1 seed. Would be sweet.
  23. find it hard to see beyond Niners Vs Chiefs superbowl
  24. Shaun and Euan guide you through divisional weekend. A head coaching vacancy update and what should happen with TB12? Listen to the podcast
  25. 49ers and Seahawks in NFC. Ravens and Chiefs in AFC.
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