Football vs Football

2 Sports both using balls, both starting with a kickoff and both seasons starting around the same time but thats where the similarities end. or is it…. lets compare stars of the two forms of football, the real one (none of this soccer business) and American football. The comparisons will be based on playing style, achievements and personality rather than looks.

OBJ vs Paul Pogba






Both good talents but never really won anything. Very active on social media and known for their celebrations and tantrums. It was a close call between Pogba and Neymar but the latter has won a lot more. Let’s face it, all 3 are knobs.

Rob Gronkowski Vs Vincent Kompany

You’re probably like, what? Kompany? But hear me out. Both are considered to be one of the best at their positions and play with nothing to lose with their hearts on their selves. Both players have won a couple of titles but neither can make it through a full season without being injured for a lengthy time.

Marshawn Lynch Vs Diego Costa

The ones you love to hate. Both won a couple of titles and known for playing hard and amongst the best at shithousing! You hate to admit that you’d love them to be on your team, but absolutely despise them when playing against.

Calvin Johnson Vs  Steven Gerrard

The world class players that could have won it, but never did. Both standout players on their respective teams that could have won the title if they had moved elsewhere, and would have walked into any other team, but never did.

Aaron Rodgers Vs Alan Shearer

Kings of the records and statistics but only ever won it once. With Rodgers toping many record tables such as highest career passer rating and best touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history to name a few Shearer also boasts the records of top goalscorer in Premier League history and most Premier League goals in a season. Both have only one their respective title once and had the potential to win more, at least Rodgers still has the chance.

Colin Kaepernick Vs Joey Barton

Both controversial characters in their respective sports. Kap and Barton are very outspoken politically whether it be by protesting during the national or spouting off on twitter. Both are currently out of the game at the moment, many think Kap is being black balled by the NFL owners but with QB’s going down every week in training camps I don’t think it will be long before he’s got a job. On the other hand Barton is currently suspended for breaking the FA’s rules on betting. Barton is, in my opinion, a lot worse; I really dirty player and grade A knob. I think Kap’s extensive charity work goes unsung by the media.

J.J Watt Vs Harry Kane

Strange comparison I know, but the thinking behind it is that both are top class talents. They achieve top numbers every year and have the ability to win trophies but more than likely won’t do it at their current teams. They’re in the same predicament as mentioned about Megatron and Stevie G above but will they stick or twist?

Johnny Manziel Vs Michael Johnson

The wasted talents. Known as “Johnny Football”, Manziel had a bright future ahead of him and was predicted to be great but threw it all away with off the field problems. The same thing can be said for Johnson. He made his debut at 18 and was billed as “England’s next big star” by Sven-Goran Eriksson before being the subject of a £12 million bid from Liverpool in the summer of 2008. After few injuries and off the field problems he wasn’t seen on the field again.

Eli Manning Vs Nicky Butt

Multiple titles but pretty average. Both players surrounded by great players. Eli playing with the likes of Victor Cruz, OBJ, Michael Strahan to name but a few. Butt came through the United ranks with the famous class of 92 and probably the least famous player but still has 6 Premier League titles to his name.

David Johnson Vs Marcus Rashford

Two rookies that were thrown into the limelight due to injuries and haven’t looked back since! Johnson was a 3rd round pick in 2015 draft and started the season being the 4th string running back. By the December he was the starter and has been performing every week since. Rashford came from the United academy and scored 2 on his senior debut in the Europa League after an injury to Martial in the warm up and been scoring since.

Tom Brady Vs Lionel Messi

The GOATs. They’ve been there, won it and got the t-shirt. Tom Brady has the most super bowl wins of any other quarterback and Messi has the most Ballon d’Ors ever, 5 each. It was a tossup between Messi and Ronaldo to partner Brady. Messi was chosen due to both players being one team men (up to now), play for the team over themselves and make the players around them better.

Hope you enjoyed reading folks.