Football focus AFC North & NFC East

Today we are going to take a look a closer look at a couple of divisions in football and what better way to start than the AFC North


Lets start on them there  8-3 Browns who had, what looks like a very comfortable week at the office first dispatching the 3-7 Jaguars 34-21.  Corey Coleman was only able to snack 2 passes here but still go for 130 and a TD like most of the season the brunt of the work fell onto the back of Isaiah Crowell with 21 carries 155 yards and a trio of touchdowns the Jags couldn’t handle him, next up was the pass heavy 4-7 Bengals who having found  a run game recently were picking up the wins.  Hill only managed 53 yards in a 34-10 spanking with Andy Dalton giving away the ball 4 times, it looked like the Browns would be leaning on Crowell agin but having picked up an injury on their second drive that forced the ball into Duke Johnson’s hands and he stepped up to the plate 114 yards and a brace of  TDs, Crowell will be fit and healthy next week but will he be straight to the front of the Q or are we going to see more of a committee here in Cleveland??   Tune in to find out as the 8-3Cleveland Browns take on 7-4 Chargers next week!

The Cincy Bengals started out the week with a trip to the mile high city against broken Tom and I’m sure if he could DELETE this season from memory he would but he cant. 13-10  in a very low scoring affair that the Bengals held the tigers share of possession with Hill grinding out short yards and not turning the ball over which proved to be the difference maker.  Question: how long does it take Tom V to change a lightbulb?  Answer: He doesn’t he just sits in the dark and cries.  We’ve already gone over the Bengals next game so I don’t want to bring up any more bad memories.   Next up for these bad boys is the Pittsburgh Steelers

Question:  What is probably made of steel?  Answer: Hopefully tanks  Yes its the 2-9 Steelers their first game this week is against the very very inconstant VFJ and his 6-5 Titans.  aaron Rodgers decided he would do Aaron rodgers type things and just throw to anyone wearing a blue uniform with a different players getting a catch and 3 different having a TD catch too, Ben Roethlisberger not to be outdone threw an extra 3 passes to the boys in blue enough said about this one lets move on, Which sees serial tanker actually win a game against the CPU Packers Nobody likes ready about CPU games but James tried his very best to lose this one but to his credit he won in the end. As stated before his next game is Michael and the Bengals, Michael if you’re reading this run more yea ;).

Last focus of the division is The8-3  Baltimore Ravens and Rob who are tied at the top of the division. Week 11 saw the Ravens ‘face’ the Green Bay Packers and contrary to belief this isn’t the first time Ryan has ever picked up a controller, watched an NFL game ore even used his eyes before as this was a trouncing Ryan your boys took one hell of a beating today. Brett Hundley blindly threw 6 interceptions to 4 different Ravens which is twice TWICE as many Packers making a catches this week.  I reached out to Coach Ryan and this is what he had to say “Disgraceful performance and pretty embarrassing to throw 6 interceptions, wish I could say I’m colourblind and can’t distinguish green from purple but it was just horrendous passing. Still got outside shot at wildcard so we move on.” 30-0 is a heart breaking score but I admire Ryan confidence to bounce back.  Rob still has his week 12 game to play but Rob has been elbow deep in cow parts (I guess) this week so I’ll give him a pass.


Our last division for the week is the somewhat admired, mocked, disrespected but never ignored its the NFC East

Jimmy and his Giants haven’t done much of note this season only picking up wins week 1 against a Cowboys team that wasn’t ready, against a 49ers side bereft of talent but making progress and a rare scalp of the LA Rams.  So going into week 11 on the back of a two game win streak thing might be just starting to turn a corner but in his way is the Kansas city Chiefs who were recently ranked top spot in DJs rankings.  The Giants played the best they could have with 3 interceptions 11 for a TD and 4 sacks but it was his offence that really let him down again throwing  5 with one going to Eric Berry who has found a new lease of life since being moved to the Corner Back position.  but to lose only by 3 points, 17-20, to the top team isn’t to be sniffed at maybe just maybe he can make a push for this division title as he’s only 1 win away from tying.  Well well well if it doesn’t just happen to be the Washington Redskins who with 4 wins are top of the division so a win here for Jim sees him move top on tie breaker…. ah crap another 3 point loss this time  16-19 and again it was the same story.  Geno had himself a multi pick day with 3 and one going to seasoned vet deAngelo Hall, Washington brought the thunder all game notching up 6 sacks. with the Skins now 5-6 and the Giants 3-8 Jim has pretty much given up now and is putting the new blood out there to see who deserves a spot for next season their first game out will be himself a young blood its Rory and the Carr-less Raiders.

Having already covered The Skins week 12 game I look back to week 11 and its the CPU Saint Jerry and the New Orleans Tanks and pressure was the meal of the day with the Skins grabbing another 3 sacks but that still didn’t stop Teddy Bridgewater hog wild with 351 yards through the air and a team leading 10 on the ground Kirk cousins fancied himself a pretty good day too with 3 TDs,  242 yards with14/16 and a perfect passer rating and a big yell of “YOU LIKE THAT?”   Up next for the 5-6 skins is a crucial game against the 4-7 Dallas Cowboys a win here sees them pretty much tie up the division but another loss to the cowboys spells big trouble.


Dallas are on their 2nd 2 game win streak of the season which started in week 11 vs their divisional rivals the Philly Prime Eagles, in a game where neither team had their passing hats on it was the difference in turnovers that mattered With Harrison Smith picking off Went twice and taking one to the house.  It was Vinny Curry for the Eagles having his way with a solid O-line getting 2 sacks and 3 tackles for a loss. 30-10 doesn’t give the Eagles as much credit as they deserve.  Week 12 for the Cowboys though oh boy, the cowboys started this game on defence and the Chargers marched down the field with ruthless efficiency only for Winston to throw an interception deep in the end zone to to the old man Talib who took it 103 yards to the house for a pick 6, the next chargers drive stalled and forced to punt.  1st down Cowboys run the ball for 2 yards 2nd down they run again only for Zeke to take it home baby 65 yards TOUCHDOWN!.  It was at this point Craig cracked ‘lag’ was taking over so stream was killed what happened next would never have been able to be shown on film and the cowboys romped home to a 44-16 win with Dak 12/15 with no turnovers a pleasant surprise.  their next game tonight 21:30 GMT my twitch sees them play the Skins, win and its game on lose and its game over!


Speaking of game over its the Philly Prime Eagles we spoke of week 11 so lets look to week 12 where he plays Christ Ritchie and the Chi Town Bears who are still very much in the play off hunt.  Went started the game as he finished the Cowboys game and thats with another INT but that didn’t deter the Eagles as the looked to the ground game with Smallwood grinding out 80 yards and 3 touchdowns, The defence did the best it could attacking the phenom that is Glennon and his Giraffe neck hitting him an astonishing 8 times but it wasn’t enough as the Bears squeaked out a 27-24 win.  Things don’t get any easier here for the Eagles as its a trip to Seattle and Wayne next.


Much Love Big D xx