28th July 2016

That’s All Folks

So that’s it another full run of Madden from August to (Likely August) kudos to the hardy souls playing another season as well as the Gameday league soldiers. It’s been an up and down year. (Isn’t it always) Madden 20 seems to of gone downhill this year, it started strongly but as always too much tinkering in the back ground seemed to really mess things up but it is what it is and as a league we made the best of it. On behalf of all the commissioner’s I’d like to thank everyone who has taken part this year, hopefully you enjoyed it, an extra thanks to for those that assist us when we needed it. DJ, Epone, Griff, Rory and Co. A special mention to Chris who has gone way beyond what is expected of him as a commissioner both in terms of workload and innovation. We complied with the Rooney rule by adding another black commissioner in Jaden who has jumped in with both feet and done some sterling work.

We introduced a few things this year that are likely to be continued, and expanded on as judging by the questionnaires it was all pretty well received including our punishment wheel,. random acts of badness and the allocation of teams in the league, you will see these again with some tweaks.

In terms of league spots next year things are likely to change, we will no longer be handing out spots to those who don’t deserve them, we would rather run with a few spots empty than fill it with people who constantly leave us in the shit, whether that is by quitting in the huff, making an arse of there teams and giving up or just plain old time wasters. It cannot continue. It wastes our time, cost us potential quality members and is a slap in the face of the people who push through every season and make the league what it is so don’t be surprised if people get offered a prove it deal rather than a 5 year mega contract when Madden 21 rolls around.

Thank you to everyone who answered the questionnaire, particularly to the dude out there writing essays for answers, we appreciate all the feedback we get and will use it to set the league up for next year. As always if you have ideas or requests you can come to us at any time.

That’s about it for our little end of season report. Thanks again for playing O.O.H Madden and see you all next Season.

Cheers Cubas.

The Commisioners

PS One more thing, The Hall of Fame ceremony for the Madden 20 Original League is here, congratulations to all the inductees.