28th July 2016

Introducing Coaching Carousel

We have been saying for a while now we do what they don’t in reference to the lack of features EA (They) added this year. In order to improve the O.O.H experience we have created the coach carousel for the Original League, there are 32 coaches available 1 for each of the Teams. The coaches provide various buffs to players to enable you to utilise your full squad and make the later rounds of the draft more meaningful.  A list of Available coaches can be found here.

  • Stat Buffs will only go to a maximum of 80 with the exception of some individual stats.
  • Stat buffs will only apply to players drafted after the 4th round and last a maximum of 2 seasons
  • A maximum of 6 Players can be buffed by a single coach.
  • Coaches cannot be changed mid season
  • Coaches can be traded however it is for picks only and cannot be included in multi-part deals. Any trades will take place during the off-season and there will be an admin charge of $5m. 
  • It will be an Owners responsibility to fill in the spreadsheet for which players they wish to be adjusted, the adjustments will take place before we advance to the regular season. 
  • For Season 1 coaches will be allocated in owner ranking order from worst to first.

Cheers Cubas

Commissioner Squad