28th July 2016

Original League Offseason 1

We have made it through the first season of Madden 21 relatively unscathed. A few people are cutting it very fine with there stats and they will be spoken to individually, its been a good season and hopefully we can get through the offseason unscathed. A few things to note!

  • The Maximum Contract length you can offer in Free Agency will be 4 years, however the 50% bonus rule on contracts no longer applies.
  • Please remember though offering silly contracts will end badly for you
  • When resigning your own players ensure you take pictures and do not under any circumstances exceed the fair offer, and remember the maximum contract length is 4 years
  • As mentioned falling foul of this rule and choosing to keep the player will result in a 10m cap penalty and a spin of the major wheel.
  • Coaches will start working during preseason giving your players there boost until they reach a certain level or a maximum of 2 seasons, remember this when drafting.
  • Last but not lease the offseason schedule is here. read it carefully!
  • Any questions ask in chat, your mentor or a commissioner. Do not fuck up your offseason

Cheers Cubas

Commissioner Squad