End of season ramble by Big D

As we bring the final nail into M17s coffin I pop around the league and ask a few questions and first up is the face that runs the place Moose.

Daly: With you being the face of the league how has this season fared from an admin view?

Moose: Overall the league went well last year. From a management point of view i may have been the vocal one but myself, CB and Glyn all worked co-operatively. We talk through everything as a 3 and have different areas that we attend to. I maintain most the day to day admin and soak up most of the abuse to shield my commish bros sanity. It’s also great we had help from Wayne and Jimmy on the trade and discipline commissions respectively, and their rotating helpers.
The only thing we were slightly disappointed with was that a small minority tend to bend the rules/play within the absolute limits if what’s acceptance. Be it play style, commitment or tan management. We have some things to tackle this next Madden but the rules do change every year.

Daly: The new season is fast approaching and the draft night will soon be upon us, rumour has it you’re warming up the balls now in anticipation. Whose balls are going to be hottest that night?

Moose: Glyns are always the warmest. Well have to see what TOs are like. If your insinuating funny business in the draft, there will be lots of witnesses, it will be streamed and I’ll post updates in announcements.(But the Jets are warmed for Al)

Daly: Who are the top 2 on the moose radar?

Moose: The Steelers. Coming up to 8 years now and I’ve never had them.

After that I’m not too fussed. I suppose for a fun project the titans look good.

Daly: Jets aside is there a side that you just look at and think its too much of a task to handle?

Moose:  All teams are doable. The jets aren’t ideal but user skill, trading and drafting still really important. Look what CB did with the niners this year.

I wouldn’t want an old team with the respective cap problems that would cause. I think the Seahawks are the worst in that respect. They lack talent completely at a few positions like OL and WR. Plus their secondary is going to be ravaged by re-signings and regression.

This is the first year I’ve really struggled to build a roster with the lions. I’ve had to trade for veterans, which I’ve never really fine before. But I’m still happy with it overall so I’m looking forward to the random draft and getting to work on my roster.

Daly: Going forward new teams means new divisions which means new rivals, is there anybody you want in there with you?

Moose: I’m not bothered about avoiding anyone. You have to beat them in the playoffs eventually. Playing the best makes you better too.
I’ve really liked my current division of Andre, Alistair and JR this year. Shout out to Kadeem too.
Anyone I can get a rivalry going with really. Apart from TO. He’s a see you next Tuesday.

Daly: Lastly do you have any parting words to the M17 CFM?

Moose: Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.

Thanks Moose riveting stuff, Next to answer a few questions is a man who has only been here for a short while, it’s Griff. 

Daly: Having only been a part of the team for a few weeks how have you found your time here?

Griff: loving it so far, hard taking over some one elses roster but looking forward to getting my hands on my own

Daly: You were pretty lucky to walk into fairly well run organisation, if you had to deal with the Colts or Buccs thats tough sledding.

Going forward the teams will be allocated via a lottery,,which teams ball do you want to fall your way?

Griff: obv wouldnt mind one of the big hitters, pats, packers, raiders, cowboys, seahawks. But wouldnt mind the titans, bucs or eagles

Daly:  Looking at the opposite side of the spectrum who do you want to avoid like Eddy Lacey avoids exercise?

Griff: hahaha jets, lions, bears, chargers

Daly: Tough question to ask, but from your limited playing time are there any people you’d quite like to be in a division with?

Griff: only played a couple of people so far, hopefully not in the same division as chris and jimmy again, both good players, only other player ive played is Tom V which was a close one

Daly: My final Q do you think you have what it takes next season to step up and become one of the elite?

Griff: I’d like to think so, need to work on my run game if i do, making the playoffs is the target, anything past that is a bonus.

I move on from Mr Griff and look up Scotland way at a Mr Chris Ritchie

Daly: Not long left now until  the season begins, who do you have an eye on?

Ritchie:  Pats obviously as I’m a pats fan and the roster is stacked. Doesn’t need much and a couple of decent trades and it could be a really great team from year 1. Plus divisional teams are poor so a good advantage from he start.

Buccs would be my other option. Good young team. Winston, Evans and Howard could be a dream plus they have a few tradable assets.
I’d be really really happy if I get buccs, I also really really don’t want the jets, colts or Ravens

Daly: How have you found your divisional rivals this year?

Ritchie: Really good. Don’t think I could have asked for a better division for my first year of Ooh. Been really enjoyable playing against Jimmy, James and Ben

Daly: Looking around the league is there a few faces you wouldn’t mind facing twice a year and again the ones you really want to steer clear of?

Ritchie: Would like to be in a division again with jimmy as I really enjoyed our games. Desperately want to avoid CB, SC and especially Rob. Don’t think I could cope with two gubbings off Rob every season

Daly: Anybody to avoid as they are generally an arse?

Ritchie: ………

Daly: ……

Ritchie: Two spring to mind but I’m keeping quiet on that

Daly: diplomatic response if I’ve ever seen one. Finally do you have any suggestions or recommendations to put forward for next season?

Ritchie: Nothing springs to mind other than please don’t give me the jets

We are down to our final two and next is the name with many names and I don’t know which one is real, It’s Chris/Jerry

Daly: how do you rate your successes this year, did you achieve your dreams or did they go down the drain?

Jerry: Down the drain. If you ain’t won the Super Bowl, you ain’t won shit.

Daly: Being Robs #1 cheerleader can you take some solace from the fact he did manage to nab himself a superbowl?

Jerry: Nope. Nobody’s a friend in this league. You can say you’re a fan of a guy or you’re his guy but once you hit the sticks, it’s you or them.

I’m not satisfied until I lift a lombardi.

Daly: How did you find your divisional rivals in a very mixed division?

Jerry: Tough. When you have multiple super bowl winners in your division as a rookie, it’s intimidating. When you get some wins over them, it’s encouraging, it gives you an idea of what you have to do to win it all.

Daly: Lets shift our attention to next season, who out there in the league do you want in your division next year?

Jerry: It doesn’t matter!! I’ll beat whoever I end up in a division with. But if I had to choose, I’ll take any of CB, Rob, Al, SC, Moose, JR

Daly: With this being your rookie year do you have any advice for the next class of rookies coming through?

Jerry: Avoid me 😛 jk, learn how the salary cap works and how money is removed during resignings and FA, especially at the end of each season

I think its safe to say we’ll all be rookies next year to an extent due to the drastic gameplay changes coming too, so practice is obviously important but for everybody not just the new guys

Daly: great advice, and my final question for you is do you think you could fight a horse sized duck if you had a sword?

Jerry: I could fight a horse sized duck. Sword is optional

Here we go the final voice its my pal and yours, its Al

Daly: So with the new season kicking off in about 3 weeks are there any teams you want to be avoiding and those that you really fancy getting your mitts on?

Al: I would like to avoid the Ravens and Rams as I had them both last season. The Panthers, Jaguars and Chiefs are probably the teams which stand out for me. McCaffery Fournette, Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes would be fun to play with.

Daly: Are there any rivalries or feuds you want to carry over to 18 or is a case of new Madden new Al?

Al: Ideally I’d like three different owners in the division with me for next Madden. I’d really like to play Moose twice a year, we’ve got a long standing rivalry going back to Madden 11. I’ve only had him in division once which didn’t go too well for me so I’d like another shot.

Daly: How would you sum up your time spent with M17 and was the NFZ a success?

Al: Won a Superbowl, won the division three times out of four so I would consider it a successful Madden. The NFZ did it’s job it’s a shame I didn’t find out about holding Y before the snap till this season so my usering wasn’t as good as it should have been with them. Evan Bird, Pat Pete, Chris Harris JR before his legs went, Byron Jones, Matt Peat, CJ Mosely. Truly the best backfield OOH has seen.

Daly: I was a big fan of the NFZ and its arrogant swagger, which leads me to my final question, every group needs a heel and I think you play that part perfectly, do you think the long love/hate relationship that you have with TO will continue for years to come?

Al: Who’s TO?

Daly: My boo, thats who!

So thats my final blog for this Madden and look forward to cracking on again next season, peace and love, Big Dogg Daly