EA Sports, why aren’t these things in the game?

After the Madden 18 latest patch, it was clear to see once again that Franchise was barely touched and most of the focus was on Ultimate Team and MUT squads.

However, going forward, if not for this year’s edition but Madden 19, there are still things EA can introduce to not only enhance the experience for Franchise players but players of the game in general.

While some of these suggestions are Franchise mode specific, others are general gameplay additions which would bring Madden on a par with Fifa and NBA 2K.


This one is simple and isn’t gamebreaking but it is slightly gamechanging.

When a penalty is given, it would be cool to see the yellow flag actually being thrown on the field. Same with challenge flags.

Small additions like that really make a difference and improves the game experience.








This one I have been calling for for years. It was in old versions of the game but they took it out. It needs to come back.

Now, no-one likes seeing a player go down injured, but when they do, instead of them lying prone on the floor, trainers and EMTs rush onto the field to check them out and then help them off the field.

In severe cases, they are carted off. Why isn’t that in Madden? It wouldn’t make seeing your starting QB go down any less painful, but if EA are going to sell the game as a the closest thing you get to watching it live on Sunday, then this needs to be brought in.

It was taken out in Madden 2001 because the league “did not want to see a player strapped to a backboard, motionless.” No-one does. But then have them sitting up, thumbs up to the crowd.

“In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the most tasteful thing to celebrate a major injury,” said another EA producer a few years back. While I understand and agree, you can’t get away from the fact that it is a part of the NFL and if EA has a tasteful way to show injuries on Fifa, I am sure they can find a way for Madden if they really wanted to.







Customisable draft class

Instead of a bunch of random regens, imagine scouting Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield during your first franchise season of Madden 18?

Scouting would be less unpredictable if you were choosing from players you already know exist, but wouldn’t it make the second season more lifelike?

Scam for Sam could actually be a thing. Plus while you know player names, you still have no idea how good the player will actually be. Darnold could have been given really bad stats, while Luke Falk could turn out to be best QB in the class.

Downloading a file with an entire draft class is simple. It requires someone making it but given what people create for NBA 2K and other games on PC, it would surely be a piece of cake to do the same on Xbox and Playstation.

We don’t have NCAA Football anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t have college players a year early, before they actually reach the NFL.

And it doesn’t just have to be for the first draft. You can do it for every draft, find a random class online, import it and watch SC, Moose, JR and CB draft the best players over and over again…







Crowd Attendances
Currently 2-8 and being trounced every week? Imagine a situation where fans stop turning up and you are playing in front of half-empty stadiums? You have this on MLB: The Show but once again, Madden fans are missing out.

If you keep having bad seasons, fans should stay away. But like the league removing ambulances, they did the same with dynamic crowd attendances.

“We incorporated accurate attendance for all the teams, and Jacksonville always had these terrible turnouts,” a former EA Tiburnon said years ago. “The Jags owner got all pissed off when he heard there were empty seats when you played as his team in the game. The team called the NFL and we had to fix it immediately.”

Thanks a lot Khan.

Imagine you are on the road and the crowd are extremely loud, making it difficult to snap the ball in time. You see this on Gamepass (if you are lucky enough to have it working) but not on Madden.

This would make perfect sense on franchise mode. Going away to play the Seahawks, in front of the 12th man, should be a nightmare. Your controller should be shaking, the playclock should disappear after you pick a play so you are unsure whether you can snap the ball in time.

Give home teams an advantage. Not a massive one, but enough that there is a difference to being at home and being on the road.








Press conferences
2K has this on their NBA series. EA has now brought in interviews with managers during transfer negotiations. Add both to Madden and the game will feel more realistic.

Franchise currently has a scaled down version of a press conference, where you are asked one question via text but how cool would it be to see your coach stand on the podium and answer questions? The responses should have an effect on not only your players but others around the league.

Being asked by a local reporter about a must-win division clash on MNF and you say the wrong thing, then you have just pumped up the opposition and deflated your team. Sure, this would get tiresome after a few weeks but then have an option to turn off press conferences or send an assistant.

To keep it interesting, have what you say get back to another coach and have them respond. Instead of arguing in the group chat for hours on end, take it onto the game. Have Tom V call Al a jizz troll on Madden (doubt EA would have that as a response but a bad coach would be just as fun). Or question James and the Steelers organisation about accusations of tanking. Or the question everyone wants to know, why did Andre use a QB draw on 4th and 10…






Unique Celebrations
Again, something seen on 2K and Fifa but not on Madden. Well not to the same extent as the other games. Score a TD or get a sack and you should be able to press a button to do a customised celebration. Or have a few to choose from.

Instead of watching EVERY player do the same celebration, even though in the NFL a few players have specific ones which make them who they are.

Unique celebrations would be cool. Hence why NFL made EA take them out. I’m starting to see a pattern…