Draft Winners

Probably the greatest date on the Madden Calendar has past, and like kids on Christmas morning, we just want to rip open the wrapping and play with our new toys. But just who were the winners of the 2017 Madden OOH Draft?


It’s hard not to hit on at least one quality player with three 1st Round picks but the Texans hit the Jackpot by landing 3. Using their picks wisely, the Texans addressed their needs on the defensive line with the addition of Hasselbach and Pressley; whilst A.J Alford adds quality to the line-backer corps. There’s no denying that the Texans front 7 will be a force to be reckoned with this year. With no quality additions for the Titans due the GM’s absence from the draft; and the Colts rebuild in full swing, can the Texans once again reign supreme in the AFC South?

Top Picks

Thurman Hasselbach LE 1st Round

Dillard Pressely DT 1st Round

A.J Alford LOLB 1st Round

Nick Grayson RT 2nd Round

Johnny Taylor TE 2nd Round

Derron Robbins FS 4th Round



The Chargers shocked everyone last year. Bosa & Allen were shown the door; Rivers was shown the bench and apart from a resurgent Melvin Gordon and a steadfast Jason Verrett the rest of the team was somewhat bereft of talent. Yet somehow despite all the odds SC.. I mean the Chargers still managed to not to win the Super bowl! This is not what we were expecting from, who many people in the league consider a Demi God. Anyway, where were we…. Oh, yes the draft. The Chargers had a lot of holes to fill with this team. Using their first-round pick wisely to get Verrett some help in the secondary Darryl Langham will go straight in to the CB2 slot along with some nice upgrades at Line-backer. The offense also improves Derron Holloman will start at WR2 and learn the tricks of the trade from Kamar Aiken, whilst Deontae Parnell joins Hunter Henry at Tight End, expect to see a lot of Two Tight End Sets in San Diego this year. With a draft class like this don’t be surprised if the Chargers sit atop not only the AFC at the end of next season, but the NFL.

Top Picks

Darryl Langham CB 1st Round

Nate Worthington LB 2nd Round

Derron Holloman WR 2nd Round

Deontae Parnell TE 2nd Round

Antoine Magee HB 3rd Round

Lester Cleveland LB 4th Round



Just like the Texans, the Bills were awash with picks in the first two Rounds. Coming off a season in which many predicted them to win their division, the Bills struggled throughout finishing a lowly 3rd in a AFC East division that was below par for much of the season. Another wide receiver or two to compliment Sammy Watkins was a must, as well as some greater protection for Tyrod on the offensive line, and boy did they hit Gold. The Bills arguably drafted the best player in the draft when they took Jamal Huntley (AKA Megatron 2.0) early in the 1st round. Glenn Prather will help sure up an offensive line that allowed far too many sacks last year. With the addition of some quality talent to the secondary and the Dline also addressed the tide may turned in the Bills favour in this division.

Top Picks

Jamal Huntley WR 1st Round

Tracy Sankey FS 1st Round

Cory Braxton SS 2nd Round

Glenn Prather C 2nd Round

Tyler McMillan 3rd Round

Pick of the Draft

Dionte Luke DT, 109th Overall – San Francisco 49ers