Draft Pick Superstars by Jimmy and Al pt 1

With Draft Season in full swing in both real life and in the game, I thought I would take a look to see which players we had drafted ourselves over the last three season had become superstars.

Were they 1st Round selections or have there been some great sleeper picks.

Then I would take those players and make an All-Star Team.

We decided to do one for each conference. First up Jimmy with the AFC.

My criteria is to focus more on attributes than production, as this will create a level playing field for all owners.

I’ll start off with Offense

Offensive Line was very tough to select as not many standouts. What struck me was the lack of depth, is this down to the draft pool, tough progression, or had the NFC pinched all the better player?

Harrell and Brewster were shoe-ins as both are impressive, the other ones were a little bit by default. In the end Nolan and Tuck from San Diego, and Tant from Denver got the nod. Tuck was surprisingly selected in the 7th round.

OT Jackson Harrell http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11268116

OT Aaron Brewster  http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11268140

OG Jamal Tuck http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/13001886

OG Jaron Nolan http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11268196

C Eric Tant Denver http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/13001608

Next up the receivers. Tight End was an obvious choice with Philip Irwin from Tennessee, a great all round player. Split out wide I went with the big man Jamal Huntley, with fellow first round pick Marion Beverley from Cincinnati opposite. I think they would complement each other well. In the slot with his uber elite route running is Chargers Derron Holloman

TE Philip Irwin http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/13002122

WR Jamal Huntley http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11267443

WR Derron Holloman http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11272621

WR Marion Beverly http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11267388/attributes

Finally, on O, the Quarterback and Running Back. Here I went with a player who has been around a few sides in a short space of time Derek Marciano. He is now becoming the complete signal caller. Alongside him in the backfield I selected Cornell Ragland from Miami again, a solid all round runner.

QB Derek Marciano http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11272680

HB Cornell Ragland http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/13001974

On defense with the players I had to select from I decided that I would run a 3-4 unit.

Starting with the big boys on the line, I chose Thurman Hasselbach to anchor despite only being just shy of 300lbs. He has great strength and size at 6ft6 to be able to cope with the lack of bulk, and definitely can get pressure from the A gap.

Alongside him are Khari Crutchfield and Dillard Pressley, the former has amazing power moves to create so many problems for the offensive line. While Pressley, although lacking in top notch strength could benefit from the single team blocking he would have to get, enabling him to break through to the QB.

DT Thurman Hassellbach http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11268879/attributes

DE Dillard Pressley http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11268881/gamelog

DE Khairi Crutchfield http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11268557

The linebackers now, and the two in the middle I chose are Conor Brandon and Reilly Slater. Speed, Pursuit, Block Shedding, Hit Power, Tackling, they have it all in abundance.

Getting pressure from the edge are two AFC East boys, Marcus Hester and Charles McPhee. Both of these have 99 Finesse Moves to get past any lineman, will play the run well with block shedding in the high 80s, and great speed and acceleration to get to the QB. What more can you ask for?

OLB Marcus Hester http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/13002008

OLB Charles McPhee http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11268387

MLB Reilly Slater http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/13001352

MLB Connor Brandon http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/13002034

Finally the secondary, and in the cornerbacks – along with Olineman – I found this the weakest position group, with all the better draftees in the opposing conference.

Darryl Langham takes one spot, his speed and zone coverage standing out. Opposite him, I reluctantly picked Latwan Wells. He is a true rookie who will only improve, one concern would be his speed though.

To complete the line up at safety I went with a pair of Buffalo Bills in Tracy Sankey and Cory Braxton.

Braxton has developed to arguably be the best strong safety in the game, with speed, zone coverage, play rec, hit power, tackling, pursuit all at an extremely high level.

Sankey, although taken earier in the same draft by Buffalo, isn’t quite as good but is still a top player, with solid numbers across the board.

CB Darryl Langham http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11272618

CB Latwan Wells http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11267766

FS Tracy Sankey http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11267444

SS Cory Braxton http://daddyleagues.com/OOHORIGINALS/player/11267445

And thats a wrap for the AFC boys. NFC coming up soon.