Disciplinary action for TC

Alright guys

Gonna keep this as short as TC’s stay with us. During his game with JR concerns were immediately raised regarding his play calling. At the end of the game I decided to review the footage whilst trying to speak to TC regarding the game.  I got 2 drives in and this is what I found the footage can be viewed on JR mixer.

1st Drive Offence, HB Wham called 4 times in 11 plays.

2nd Drive Defence, Controlled JJ Watt on Every down

3rd Drive Offence, HB Wham called 3 straight times.

TC was spoken to after the game, told of these points and asked to read the rules again as those of you that have read them will know varying your play calling and mixing up who you control is pretty much point 1 and 2 in the rule book. Straight denied ever doing these things refused to watch the stream back and was generally un-coperative. At this point it became clear he was in the wrong league so was removed from the chat. then as usual became abusive etc.

So lesson learned from us but hopefully it shows what type of league we are. We don’t care who wins but what we do care about is how people win. Anyone can find the one play that works and run it over and over but thats not what this league is about. If he had accepted he was in the wrong and been willing to improve that side of things he could of continued but it became obvious this wasn’t the case so he was removed. It wouldnt be a new madden without dealing with some sort of drama but hopefully this will be the last.

Cheers folks.